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Thursday 24th May 2012

  • Starting-Up the Copenhagen Way

    by Christian Lanng

    It’s a story of one man with a simple belief - business software is broken and needs fixing. Christian Lanng, CEO of Tradeshift, will tell you how he took this simple idea and turned it into a successful startup story. Two years on and Tradeshift is approaching 100,000 customers in over 190 countries. It has been valued at $136m and has received $30m in funding. A trained sociologist, Christian will explain how he cultivated a unique working environment in Copenhagen and motivated a team to do something incredible. And it’s more than just Ideas Paint on the walls. Attendees can hear tips and tricks from someone that has been there and done it and the challenges the company is now facing as it expands significantly across several continents. He’ll also reveal how the Tradeshift “Mum and Dad” keep the close knit team together...

    Questions answered :
    - What can you learn from the way the Danes do business? - How do you change your perspective on startup habits? - How does your national identity fit in with becoming a growing global business?

    At 10:30am to 10:33am, Thursday 24th May

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  • Taking the pulse of investment in the UK Digital Media space

    by Damian Ryan

    Mediaventura conducted a survey of close to 1000 institutional investors (VC's, Family Offices, Private investors) to take the pulse of the market in terms of key trends for investment the UK digital media sector. Mediaventura would like to share this feedback with business owners and entrepreneurs keen to grow their business and take the right steps towards a capital raise and becoming investment ready.

    Questions answered :
    What are the hot areas investors are looking at? Where is the money? How do you value a business in the digital media sector? How does the UK compare with other global markets? Key challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for investment? What are the top tips for becoming investment ready? What are the pros and cons of selling my business? What deal structures exist and how do I know what's right for my business?

    At 11:13am to 11:16am, Thursday 24th May

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  • Funding Panel

    by Scott Sage, Anil Hansjee, Jenny Tooth and Jason Ball

    Jason Ball (Qualcomm Ventures), Scott Sage (DFJ Esprit), Anil Hansjee - each to give a 5 minute presentation followed by 25 minutes of questions

    At 11:40am to 12:20pm, Thursday 24th May

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  • Table top: Present.me – bringing online presentations to life

    by Charlie Simpson

    We believe online presentations are broken. Psychological studies show that the combination of content and a human face is key to keeping an audience engaged. We launched Present.me to solve exactly this problem. Present.me allows anyone to create online presentations that feature synchronised slides and video side-by-side, playable on-demand. Whether it’s pitching for new business, updating your team, setting assignments for students or applying for a job, Present.me allows you to record and share your ideas in a whole new way. This session will reveal why Present.me’s combination of video and content is the perfect way to create online, on-demand presentations that engage and resonate.

    Questions answered :
    What is the story behind Present.me? What issues does Present.me solve? How does Present.me work? What is the Present.me business model?

    At 2:15pm to 2:45pm, Thursday 24th May

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  • Making best use of your Information Assets

    by Bill Mayon-White

    Calling Creatives and Business Owners:

    Do justice to yourself!
    Take care of your team!

    Identifying, retaining and capitalising on your Intellectual Assets (IA).

    For creatives, designers, artists and business owners in SMEs and micro

    Presenter: Bill Mayon-White, Contromex Business Services Limited and
    London School of Economics.

    All of us face a range of dilemmas and challenges over the management and control
    of our Intellectual Assets (IA) and our Intellectual Property (IP) sooner or later.
    Sadly, most of us delay dealing with these challenges only to find out that we have
    lost out, big time, further down the road.

    This brief overview will examine some of the challenges of IA and IP identification
    and management.

    Coverage will include:

    1. An introduction the “Co-petition Dilemma” – How can I partner with other
    businesses without losing control of my IP?

    2. Working with a typology of for Information Assets: Human, Relational and
    Structural Capital.

    3. Benchmarking your IA management against other firms, and “best of breed”.

    4. The session will also touch on Copyright, Brands, Trademarks and Patents,
    and some does and don’ts around the use of Creative Commons, Open
    Source and digital copyright.

    Whether you are a start up or a “mature” business we know you will have some
    questions on “How should I best manage my Intellectual Assets?”

    So come along and join us for Digital Shoreditch 2012.

    At 4:15pm to 4:30pm, Thursday 24th May

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  • Fund Raising for your digital start-up in these interesting times

    by Rose Lewis

    An interactive session on raising investment for start-ups

    Questions answered :
    What is a typical funding journey How to choose the right type of investors and how best to approach them What needs to be place to ensure you close a deal.

    At 4:30pm to 4:45pm, Thursday 24th May

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Friday 25th May 2012

  • Sneak Innovation Into Your Company in 5 Easy Steps

    by Ramsey Khoury

    Tired of having your ideas shot down at work? Fed up with departmental barriers between you and the big decision makers? Well friends, in this presentation I'm going to show you how you can successfully deliver breakthrough ideas even in the harshest corporate environments and do the sort of work you've always dreamed of doing. You probably already know everything there is to know about how to innovate, sure you do, you're the "ideas guy". The real problem is that your organisation is just paying lip-service to innovation or it's too complacent, bureaucratic or risk averse to do anything about it. In fact, 75% of innovation investments by organisations never make it to market. I'll show you how to stop your ideas getting diluted, or even worse polluted, and reveal how to fulfil your true potential. So stop spinning your wheels and prepare to see your breakthrough ideas actually break through.

    Questions answered :
    How can I be more influential at work? How can I get the go-ahead with a breakthrough idea? How to get comfortable with chaos? Detail or vision, which is most important? How can I have fun at work?

    At 4:35pm to 4:50pm, Friday 25th May

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Monday 28th May 2012

  • From Xero to infinity and beyond...

    by Richard Heap

    Whether you are a start up or fast growing SME in the Tech and Media sector, making timely decisions is closely linked to future success. Kingston Smith’s Media & Tech partners will be running their ever popular 1-2-1 30 minute business clinics where you will have an opportunity to ask any tax or accounting related question - including funding, R&D claims, tax credits, and the IP patent box. They’ll also be showcasing Xero, the online accounting software increasingly popular with the technology community, where you get more control for am affordable price.

    Questions answered :
    Business Advice, Online accounting systems, funding availability, taxation advice, looking after the books

    At 2:00pm to 2:30pm, Monday 28th May

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  • PR for Start-ups – it’s not about ego, it’s about sales

    by Bob Dearsley

    PR = media coverage = buzz and excitement = curiosity = interest = sales Quite simple really! We are a B2B technology PR consultancy – experts in bringing tech start-ups into the public eye. But why is PR important? As above, PR creates rapid sales interest amongst early adopters and beyond, but it also brings your ideas to the attention of potential investors. Bob Dearsley, Founder and Chief Exec of ITPR, will host a discussion on promoting tech start-ups in the media, the tangible benefits of such activity and the pitfalls that many ambitious tech start-ups suffer in their PR and marketing strategies.

    Questions answered : How can I promote my business in the early days, even when I haven’t got any customers yet? My idea is really rather technical and complex – can I still get the media interested? Which media should I target and with what sort of material? How can I get the attention of insanely busy journalists? How can I promote my business specifically to attract investor attention? I’ve secured a community of early adopter customers, but how do I move my product into the awareness of the mainstream? How do I make sure my media coverage actually creates sales opportunities? What role does social media play in all this?” “What value is rich content – videos and infographics rather than the written word”

    At 2:00pm to 2:30pm, Monday 28th May

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  • Taylor Wessing: Privacy issues

    by Christopher Jeffery

    Discussing privacy issues for online startups - what needs to be done in the early days.

    At 2:00pm to 2:30pm, Monday 28th May

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  • Communicating your startup story and how to go about it

    by Richard Garnett

    Does the idea of presenting your vision terrify you? Do you have a great business idea but struggle to convince others? There is a commonly held belief that to communicate effectively you need the gift of charisma and ‘presence’. Richard Garnett from Present.me disagrees. He believes that presence is a skill that can be learnt, with the right coaching, in a relatively short period of time. Richard is a former RSC actor and so knows one or two things about keeping an audience engaged. He now coaches senior executives at blue chip companies, helping them present in a more effective and engaging way. In this workshop, Richard will explain the psychology behind why some presentations work and some don’t. In a very practical session filled with tips and tricks, he will cover everything from how to ‘click’ with an investor in only 30 seconds to how to create PowerPoint slides that resonate. Do you need help telling your startup story? Then this session is for you.

    Questions answered :
    Why is telling a story vital for startup success? How do you communicate effectively, offline and/or online? What are the secrets to a great presentation?

    At 2:30pm to 3:00pm, Monday 28th May

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  • Planning for Success

    by Sharon Palazzo

    Winston Churchill said, ‘He who fails to plan, plans to fail’ If you get into a taxi and you do not know where you wish to go, you are going to have an expensive ride going no where fast. You may have the greatest idea or product on the planet. However if there is no plan on how to take your proposition to market, no one will hear, see and more importantly buy it. Planning may sound boring. However we all do it and we are generally in fact good at it – in certain circumstances. We are probably really happy to plan our next technology purchase, holiday or outing and perhaps less enthusiastic to organise a financial budget, staff personal development plans or a health and safety policy. Having some simple templates to plan for success in all that you do will give you more time to do what you do best! This will be an interactive workshop showing you exactly how to plan for yourself and your business more successfully. We will be exploring techniques and applying them to your working lives. I’ll be using your actual business examples. This way you leave with learnings that you can put to work right away as soon as you are back at your desk. By the end of our time together you’ll have customised simple 5 Step planning tools ensuring you are heading in the right direction and you get to your destination in the shortest possible time.

    Questions answered :
    Why is it important to plan? What if I don’t plan? Are plans set in stone? How can I make time to plan effectively? Will planning kill my creativity, motivation and satisfaction? What if my plans change? What if I hate planning? How can I transfer my skills in areas where I am good at planning to where I am less resourceful? Business plans may vary but are the processes similar? What’s an effective way of planning my day/month/year? Are there any areas of my business that I should not plan? How often should I review my plans?


    At 2:30pm to 3:00pm, Monday 28th May

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  • Taylor Wessing: IP Basics

    by Sian Skelton

    A round table on what every start-up needs to know (and every investor expects).

    At 2:30pm to 3:00pm, Monday 28th May

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  • The tale of a European startup and the move to America

    by Christian Lanng

    This side of the pond, you often hear stories about America as a land of prosperity and opportunity. Many of you will end up there one day soon. But how do you treat the key decisions? San Francisco or New York? HQ or satellite office? Which members of the team do you bring with you and how do you decide? Christian Lanng talks through the recent move of Tradeshift from Copenhagen to America and highlights the challenges, opportunities and experience.

    Questions answered :
    - What are the key considerations when making the move? - Why should you move to America today? - New York or San Francisco?

    At 2:30pm to 3:00pm, Monday 28th May

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