Sessions at Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012 of type Talk on Tuesday 22nd May Innovate

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  • Pre-event business breakfast meetup

    by Timothy Barnes

    An informal business briefing and networking session. A chance to explore the benefits of University collaboration both now and in the future.

    At 9:00am to 10:00am, Tuesday 22nd May

    In Digital Shoreditch Small Top

  • Keynote - Joining the dots

    by Maggie Philbin

    Steve Jobs' famous quote defines innovation. But how do you know where the dots are? Maggie looks back on her experiences as a Tomorrow's World reporter for clues in the technology she showed for the very first time, from digital cameras to electrically heated paint and asks whether we're doing enough to encourage the innovators of tomorrow.

    At 10:30am to 11:00am, Tuesday 22nd May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

  • Unlikely Combinations

    by Illugi Eysteinsson, Adam Stark, Ali Campbell and Alan Stuart

    Unexpected partnerships can bring real benefits

    This session highlights a wide range of activities and opportunities that exist to support business within a modern university, from world leading research, business development and consultancy to collaborative working, student internships and community partnerships.

    Interdisciplinary collaborations - which occur both within and between business and education - bring together different perspectives and approaches to a problem, allowing more innovative and creative solutions to be found, for example by bringing together practitioners from different backgrounds or professions to work in partnership to enhance services to the public, product development or other forms of enterprise.

    To enhance your understanding of the opportunities and benefits that engaging with universities can offer you and your business; this is a session you cannot afford to miss.

    Ali Campbell & Adam Stark, Living map - Visions on Mile End Road
    Living Map is a collaborative project involving Drama students and Media and Arts Technology Postgraduates from Queen Mary, University of London and community groups of all ages, using live performance and digital technology to transform public awareness of Mile End Road as a site where many people meet, interact and dream. The results will be part-performed, part-displayed as interactive projections and part-audible as a sound installation, with speakers installed in grills along the side of Queen Mary college along the Mile End Road.

    Living Map uses techniques developed by a QM Drama Academic, Ali Campbell who has previously used these techniques with great success in settings as diverse as Rio de Janeiro, Lewes and Beckton.

    London Metropolitan University's WOW agency is engaging students and graduates with business, start-ups, SME's and Social Enterprise. See how these bright new minds can provide innovation, breakthrough thinking, expertise and low-cost or free solutions.

    At 11:00am to 12:00pm, Tuesday 22nd May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

  • Better Conversations

    by Stephen Clulow and Sara Jones

    How can businesses and universities talk more effectively with each other to solve business problems?

    This interactive workshop aims to expand, develop and generate innovative and original concepts and seeks to identify ways to break down barriers to business and university collaborations.

    There are many pathways and processes already in place for businesses and universities to engage, however, this is where you get creative! Sara Jones and Stephen Clulow will employ techniques refined within City University London’s Cass Business School to lead you through the thought development.

    At 12:30pm to 1:30pm, Tuesday 22nd May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

  • Women in Tech

    by Jennifer Sheridan, Nela Brown, Sophie McDonald, Al James and Jo Twist

    A forum for solutions

    As we all know, women are dramatically under represented in the digital and technology sectors. Recognising diversity means understanding how people’s differences and similarities can be mobilised for the benefit of the individual, the organisation and society as a whole. Different groups of people offer different skills that can improve an organisation’s ability to deliver goods and services, adding value and sustainable competitive advantage. This holds true for all organisations whether they are large or small, public or private or not for profit.

    INNOVATE’s Women in Tech panel will consider solutions to these problems. The panel will include short presentations from academics, business women, feminist organisations and educators. We expect the outcomes of these debates will be further developed through Creative Works London, a new AHRC funded London based centre which aims to bring together academics and the cultural and creative industries through joint research, people swaps and a creative vouchers scheme, which will provide resources. Evelyn Wilson from The Culture Capital Exchange will make a short presentation about these opportunities.

    This event will produce a lively and pertinent debate and will include real opportunities to develop ongoing activity with the universities.

    Delegates are very welcome to bring babies and children to this event. Child friendly refreshments will be provided.

    At 4:00pm to 5:00pm, Tuesday 22nd May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

  • What Works?

    by Dave Grayson, Kam Star, Stuart Battersby, Jo Kotas, Mark Levy, Audrey Bowerman, Matthew Clark and Dave Cox

    Successful collaboration between business and universities

    Technology hubs gain enormous benefits from effective engagement between Universities and Companies; Stanford University in Silicon Valley, Cambridge University in Silicon Fen. Shoreditch has world-class research institutions on its doorstep – how can we enable the exchange of expertise, resources and ideas that will help drive Tech City, London and the UK to the next level in digital innovation?

    Part of the success of the Tech City ecosystem is the ability to build relationships with other SMEs and entrepreneurs because of proximity. Stronger relations with investors, government and big business have taken shape as the talent and innovation in the cluster has been recognised. But, what about established institutions on your doorstop and beyond?

    Collaboration between universities and SMEs has often flown under the radar. So, what works? How do successful collaborations between local businesses and universities happen? What new forms of partnership can we develop?

    The final INNOVATE session, chaired by Kam Star of Playgen and Digital Shoreditch, will answer these questions.

    At 5:15pm to 6:15pm, Tuesday 22nd May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

  • Networking drinks reception

    At 6:15pm to 7:30pm, Tuesday 22nd May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top