Sessions at Digital Shoreditch Festival 2012 of type Intermediate and Workshops on Thursday 24th May Capital

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  • Taking the pulse of investment in the UK Digital Media space

    by Damian Ryan

    Mediaventura conducted a survey of close to 1000 institutional investors (VC's, Family Offices, Private investors) to take the pulse of the market in terms of key trends for investment the UK digital media sector. Mediaventura would like to share this feedback with business owners and entrepreneurs keen to grow their business and take the right steps towards a capital raise and becoming investment ready.

    Questions answered :
    What are the hot areas investors are looking at? Where is the money? How do you value a business in the digital media sector? How does the UK compare with other global markets? Key challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for investment? What are the top tips for becoming investment ready? What are the pros and cons of selling my business? What deal structures exist and how do I know what's right for my business?

    At 11:13am to 11:16am, Thursday 24th May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

  • Making best use of your Information Assets

    by Bill Mayon-White

    Calling Creatives and Business Owners:

    Do justice to yourself!
    Take care of your team!

    Identifying, retaining and capitalising on your Intellectual Assets (IA).

    For creatives, designers, artists and business owners in SMEs and micro

    Presenter: Bill Mayon-White, Contromex Business Services Limited and
    London School of Economics.

    All of us face a range of dilemmas and challenges over the management and control
    of our Intellectual Assets (IA) and our Intellectual Property (IP) sooner or later.
    Sadly, most of us delay dealing with these challenges only to find out that we have
    lost out, big time, further down the road.

    This brief overview will examine some of the challenges of IA and IP identification
    and management.

    Coverage will include:

    1. An introduction the “Co-petition Dilemma” – How can I partner with other
    businesses without losing control of my IP?

    2. Working with a typology of for Information Assets: Human, Relational and
    Structural Capital.

    3. Benchmarking your IA management against other firms, and “best of breed”.

    4. The session will also touch on Copyright, Brands, Trademarks and Patents,
    and some does and don’ts around the use of Creative Commons, Open
    Source and digital copyright.

    Whether you are a start up or a “mature” business we know you will have some
    questions on “How should I best manage my Intellectual Assets?”

    So come along and join us for Digital Shoreditch 2012.

    At 4:15pm to 4:30pm, Thursday 24th May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

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