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  • How to develop and deliver your content strategy

    by Stephen Pirrie

    Coca Cola is no longer about creative excellence, but content excellence. Burberry is "as much a media-content company and a design company". Red Bull Media House originate feature-length films from their own film crews and music from their own studio. Facebook and Twitter no longer want media spend to sell ads, but to generate reach for content. Consumers don't want ads, they want good content.

    In this talk we're going to explore how agencies can lead the content generation process from ideation to partnership to delivering and seeding content across social platforms to maintain an always-on content strategy. We will bring our strategies to life by referring to successful case studies throughout the talk.

    Questions answered :
    How do I create content for my clients?
    How do my community managers create low/no budget content?
    How do I focus on the right platforms?
    How can I deliver an always-on content calendar?
    How can I improve my content-creation process from receiving the brief to delivery?

    At 3:15pm to 3:30pm, Wednesday 30th May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

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