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  • Digital Marketing: The art of tapping into human behaviour

    by Andy Hewitt

    In this session, Andy Hewitt will discuss the power of understanding human behaviour placing it at the heart of a marketing strategy. By identifying how and what influences individuals in different situations, marketers can accordingly adjust their propositions to provide relevant experiences and offers to consumers, which will trigger purchases when desired. Successfully understanding human behaviour additionally allows marketers to use technology to heuristically adapt in real-time to influence consumer behaviour, resulting in reduced costs and an improved lifetime value of consumers. Questions answered : What are the most important aspects of human behaviour for marketers to understand? How can digital services, tools and products tap into the themes of ease, social and habit? How can businesses utilise this knowledge to encourage a deeper engagement that actually triggers purchases, by adopting behaviour-changing techniques? What technology exists to track user preference and trigger behavioural change?

    At 10:55am to 11:00am, Wednesday 30th May

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  • Ad Crafting Updated

    by Isabelle Quevilly

    What if the days of "integrated" advertising were over? People have shown they can get together to share news and data about what they love. Lok at LOST and Lostpedia, World of Warcraft, AI... Movie and video game industries has worked for long in that direction to support their products over the years. What if advertising could evolve to a non-linear narrative that your communities can empower on their own? Questions answered : How to use digital in your brand communications in a relevant and effective way?

    At 11:05am to 11:10am, Wednesday 30th May

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  • Newness, otherness and snake oil: locating the return on investment from social media.

    by Anthony Tattum

    ROI from social media that locates social media in an existing paradigm of marketing communication metrics, and not in the realms of otherness. We feel this work is of the utmost important to create credibility for the channel within the marketing industries about the nature of social media work in marketing, communications and PR. The talk is the result of an ongoing knowledge transfer partnership between Birmingham City University and Big Cat which combines the latest global research with leading edge empirical research on real campaigns and techniques.

    Questions answered :
    How can you evaluate social media using existing frameworks? Examples of generating sales uplifts in low-engagement brands.

    At 11:45am to 11:55am, Wednesday 30th May

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  • The Curator Generation: Driving Brand Engagement with Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram

    by Hassan Mirza

    2012 has ushered in a new era of visualised social media. Social platforms Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram connect users with shared visual identities, illustrating that people are always seeking creative, hand-on ways to express themselves in the present. Join us for a seminar and panel discussion that explores why and how brands are embracing these platforms, not only to promote their products, but also to engage new audiences, crowdsource awesome content and drive social commerce. A panel of social media professionals will be sharing case studies of brands using these platforms creatively and effectively. Presented by Hassan Mirza, freelance social media consultant, who has worked on campaigns for Skype, NSPCC, Museum of London, the Law Society and a range of small businesses.

    Questions answered :
    How can brands leverage the power of these platforms while generating business? What is the difference between content creation and curation? How can brands drive engagement and crowdsource content through competitions? How can visual social platforms enhance SEO? How do brands engage communities and drive qualified traffic?

    At 11:55am to 12:05pm, Wednesday 30th May

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    by Paul Mallet

    A session for senior marketers who are responsible for planning & managing multiplatform digital communications. Following from our sell-out session at Digital Shoreditch in 2011, we'll be revisiting our TOTAL DIGITAL approach, and outlining the last years' developments in the digital marketing arena. Based on our experience with leading FMCG brands including Ribena, Seven Seas, Corsodyl, & Panadol Brass Managing Partner and Strategic Director, Paul Mallett will outline our approach to managing multichannel digital activity for our clients and how to project and measure ROI across multiple online channels. Paul's viewpoint is that social media, search, platforms and media operate as intrinsically connected nodes of a brand’s online eco-system. Treating online not as separate disciplines, but as a continuum from search to media to content to engagement leads to a more holistic (and realistic) Return on Investment model.

    Questions answered :
    How do I work out the Return on investment of digital marketing activity? How do I manage multichannel digital activity for my brand?

    At 12:40pm to 12:45pm, Wednesday 30th May

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  • Table Top: Startups & Branding - Where's the Meat?

    by James Bridgman

    Looking at branding from a startup/small business perspective: most startups 'tack on' their branding in the form of a visual identity & logo at the end of the process, where they need to put that at the heart of their business. Also (interactive Q&A) looking at practical ways businesses can benefit from branding, and how to choose and work with an agency.

    Questions answered :
    Why is 'pretty' is NOT good branding? How can you save money by good planning and strategy? Why does (social) technology changes the game for business' brand strategy? What are the top questions to ask when appointing an agency?

    Why 'pretty' is NOT good branding. How to save money by good planning and strategy. Why (social) technology changes the game for business' brand strategy. Top questions to ask when appointing an agency.

    At 1:45pm to 2:15pm, Wednesday 30th May

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  • Is there a terminal velocity for youth and digital

    by Omaid Hiwaizi

    It's given that youth are hugely engaged in digital media and are the most adept at making the most of platforms and how to the systems - ranging from maximising benefits from mobile to how to get free everything. The question is: How far can they go? The negative effect of Google on short term memory has been established, as has the effect of fast moving content and culture on the ability to concentrate.

    Questions answered :
    What's the right balance in terms of intensity and frequency of digital engagement, and consider the interests of brands and youth?

    At 3:00pm to 3:15pm, Wednesday 30th May

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  • The Brand Graph: Dynamic audience mapping through social media data

    by Francesco D'Orazio

    Brands have learnt to engage with consumers online and have now built audiences in social media. But most current social media research doesn't allow brands to understand precisely who they are talking to, what’s important to them or how that online audience connects to their traditional segments as mapped by audience studies. The Brand Graph study used innovative techniques to map the interest graph and the social graph of the social media audience of O2 UK and then looked at how to use real-time social media data to refresh traditional audience studies in order to build a dynamic model of the audience. The talk will share the full results of the study, details of the tools used to mine the data as well as plenty of interactive data visualisations.

    Questions answered :
    - Why really real-time social media mining is hard - Why simply "monitoring" social media is not good enough - How to mine context and behaviour, not just content - What new research models for mining social media can be used - What is the Brand Graph - How to build a Brand Graph and what to do with it.

    - why really real-time social media mining is hard - why simply "monitoring" social media is not good enough - how to mine context and behaviour, not just content - what new research models for mining social media can be used - what is the Brand Graph - how to build a Brand Graph and what to do with it

    At 3:30pm to 3:45pm, Wednesday 30th May

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  • The art of strategy: designing better, more value creating customer experiences

    by Alex Barclay

    A discussion of how we can use design and serious play principles to innovate on our business processes and customer engagement models

    Questions answered :
    How can design process help us think about and overcome business challenges? What does it mean to innovate inside a company? What does it mean to build innovation capacities for clients? What might new engagement models look like?

    At 5:00pm to 5:10pm, Wednesday 30th May

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