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  • Blacker Hat Facebook Analysis

    by Mat Morrison

    The Facebook Insights is a horribly limited data environment. Learn how to query the Insights API to get proper data, and how to spider your Pages to get the information that Facebook forgot to give you. Then learn how to apply this to your business.

    Questions answered :
    Learn how to answer these questions * When is the best time to post (day part, week part) * As we build fans how does that increase our ability to reach an earned audience and a paid audience with sponsored stories? * As we build our fan base to what extent do they remain active? * What's the optimal post frequency for this audience? How does post frequency affect reach, hides and unsubscribes? * What is the interplay between reach and engagement? And how how does engagement impact reach? * What is the shape of the community, and how should this affect communications planning? Who are the most frequent user commentators, and for what share of UGC do they account? What does the communication flow look like in terms of one-to-many, many-to-one, one-to-one, and peer-to-peer?

    At 12:05pm to 12:15pm, Wednesday 30th May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

  • Table Top: Artists find an innovative new way to make money thanks to CueSongs

    by Tammy Weis

    Tammy Weis is one of many recording artists who have ‘joined the Cue’ (well CueSongs that is) It’s a new company that music innovator Peter Gabriel has co founded. CueSongs provides ‘Ready to go’ music licensing by well known artists. Tammy has seen success in her native Canada, Europe and London where she now resides. But like many successful musicians, she still struggles to support herself soley on her music….until now It was last summer when she watched CueSongs CEO Ed Averdieck (co-founder along with Gabriel) do a presentation on the company.

    She immediately knew she wanted to be involved. After the session she introduced herself and gave a brief background of her music and media sales experience. To her surprise Ed responded by saying ‘I know you; I just heard you on BBC Radio Four Woman's Hour!' and the rest is history Weis, like so many other artists realizes that only a relatively small proportion of copyrights earn licensing income in syncs at the moments. CueSongs plans to create a new revenue stream for artists and writers, consisting of hundreds of thousands of smaller sized transactions, and bring new money into the music business.

    Our current partners include: Sony Music, Sony ATV, Peer Music, MusicSales, Real World, Infectious, Skint & Black Hole Recordings . As well, some of our artists include: Ferry Corsten, Boy George, Peter Gabriel, Katrina & the Waves , Ziggy Marley and the Stereo MC's to name a few Questions answered : How can I reduce the headache of music licensing? How can I licence tracks from iconic artists with a budget of less than £1000?

    At 1:45pm to 2:15pm, Wednesday 30th May

    In Digital Shoreditch Big Top

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