Creating the Conditions for “Social Business” schedule

Wednesday 25th April 2012

  • Social Business - what it means and why you should care

    Higher customer satisfaction, more innovation, faster access to knowledge; agile processes delivered via a people-centred organisation.

    Why wouldn’t every organisation flock to this vision of an agile, connected, transparent, people-centred and more efficient business?

    Leading organisations have glimpsed the future and recognised that survival and growth in an increasingly dynamic and competitive market requires new attitudes and adaptive business models. By improving knowledge and information flows between staff, partners, customers and other stakeholders, an organisation can become [almost] as responsive, agile and innovative as when it consisted of only a handful of people.

    These orgnaisations are tapping into the phenomenal rise of “social interaction”, where knowledge and information is freely exchanged. They are creating the conditions for more fluid knowledge flows that will drive innovation and co-production.

    But what of the rest?

    Hesitation is natural but every day counts in a world where social technology trends develop over weeks. Those at the forefront will gain most. There is only so long a business can wait before it is left behind. Competitors and customers will move on. Attracting new talent will become more difficult; employees become moribund.

    Doing nothing is the new business risk.

    Digirati has assembled an elite cadre of organisations, industry experts and leading vendors to discover how they are embracing the new world of “Social Business”.

    At this event you will have the opportunity to engage with our speakers and understand:
    •Lessons that have been learnt
    •What solutions have been deployed and why.
    •Barriers and obstacles to change and how they been overcome
    •A vision and an approach to delivering successful collaborative solutions that will transition “business” to “social business”.

    And we want to hear from you.
    We want you to share your perspectives, needs and concerns with the your peers and our speakers. You will have the opportunity to see demonstrations of various solutions and to critically question the experts.

    At 10:30am to 3:30pm, Wednesday 25th April