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  • Best Practices in B2B Direct Marketing Today

    by Ruth P Stevens

    Program Outline
    This Masterclass reviews current best practices in applying direct marketing techniques for B2B customer acquisition, nurturing and retention. Attendees will learn basic through advanced multi-channel strategies and tactics to drive direct and channel sales productivity, including new tools like Internet-driven data sources, social media, content marketing and marketing automation.
    1.Everything Data in Business Markets
    Topics: Databases, data intelligence, data hygiene, CRM and metrics
    This section will review how B2B databases are structured, and how to find the last crumb of useful information about customers and prospects, both internally and externally. Focus will be placed on internal data sources, as well as physical and digital sources of actionable data. You will learn specific steps for keeping your customer information fresh and clean. CRM systems will be discussed and key metrics provided.
    •How B2B databases are structured differently from consumer
    •Internal sources of marketing data
    •Contact vs. site level data: Building and maintaining corporate hierarchies
    •Data hygiene: Keep it clean
    •CRM systems: How to get the most value
    •Database applications in business markets: The Top Five
    •What’s new in business data today: Trends and tactics you can take to the bank
    •The top five metrics used by business marketers
    2.Developing and delivering compelling motivational offers
    Topics: Offer, creative, media
    This session will focus on offer development in B2B, providing key insights and examples of successful offer and creative in social media, mobile, and print communications. Case studies will illustrate excellent online and offline copy, design, and offer tests, and exercises will allow attendees to craft social media messaging that drive results. You will learn how to craft compelling offers at each stage of the buy cycle.
    •Five steps to B2B offer development, and how it’s different from consumer marketing
    •The importance of offer segmentation: By buying role, by buying process stage
    •Top offer mistakes in B2B and how to avoid them
    •Offer development for social media: Why it’s different
    •Why benefits trump features in B2B direct marketing
    •Copy and design tips for successful creative
    •Three case examples of creative success
    •New tools to enhance the power of your website
    •Social media and mobile marketing for B2B: What’s working

    3.Lead generation, conversion, tracking and management
    Topics: Lead generation, lead qualification, lead nurturing, campaign ROI
    This session will dig deeply into lead generation, campaign planning, lead flow requirements, and setting your campaign budget. You will learn the most effective strategies for lead generation—from creating inquiries, though qualification and nurturing, along with fresh case examples of how to use social media and mobile marketing to take your lead generation program to the next level. Much has changed in lead generation best practices in recent years, and this is where to learn the latest.
    •Top five media for lead generation, and what media to avoid
    •Campaign planning: Calculating lead flow requirements
    •Case example of lead generation success
    •How social media and mobile marketing can take your lead generation program to the next level
    •Response planning and management
    •Secrets to successful lead qualification
    •The business case for lead nurturing, engagement, and key tactics for success
    •Top conversion strategies in B2B marketing today

    4.Integrated multi-touch, multi-channel marketing
    Topics: Multi-touch communications, marketing automation, content marketing, testing, global marketing
    This session will focus on the importance of integrated marketing communications (IMC) to the B2B marketer and how the B2B market has changed. You will learn how to craft a multi-touch communications stream using multiple media. Emphasis will be placed on the “buying circle,” multi-touch marketing for long sales cycles, content marketing, and testing strategies for campaign optimization.
    •Identifying the members of the “buying circle” and what motivates them
    •How to craft a multi-touch communications stream using multiple media
    •The new importance of content marketing
    •Applying marketing automation to the mix
    •Case examples of productive multi-touch direct marketing communications
    •How to test multi-touch programs for continuous improvement

    Key takeaways
    Attendees will learn:
    •Two essential techniques for capturing prospect data at your website.
    •Seven ways to keep your customer information clean and fresh.
    •How to create a compelling message that motivates response among business buyers.
    •The #1 most effective offer in B2B marketing today.
    •How to calculate the optimal number of leads needed to meet your business objectives.
    •The 5 most productive media for lead generation campaigns, and 5 media to avoid.
    •How to triple the productivity of your lead generation program, with no additional investment.
    •Why content marketing is the top new strategy for B2B customer acquisition and retention.
    •How to test up reliable small-volume testing programs.

    At 9:15am to 5:30pm, Wednesday 1st August

  • Email Marketing MasterClass by Michael Leander

    by Michael Leander

    Michael Leander’s Email Marketing Masterclass at the DMAi in Mumbai 1 August 2012

    Michael Leander presents the highly rated Email Marketing Masterclass at this workshop designed for marketers who would like to see the effect of their email marketing efforts quadruple.

    Award winning speaker and international marketing expert Michael Leander will present the Email Marketing Masterclass for the first time in India. With a special program designed for DMAi and the Indian market, Michael Leander will give you the tools you need to excel in permission based email marketing.

    Experts around the world agree that email marketing continue to deliver solid results. At this Masterclass, you will get insights into a proven methodology for email marketing. A system that has helped hundreds of brands around the world.

    The Email Marketing Masterclass has been delivered in more than 20 countries to thousands of attendees. An average recommendation rate of 97,50% speaks volumes as to the quality of this masterclass.

    Attend this action packed and entertaining day of practical training to;
    - Get actionable knowledge you can apply to get results in your business right away
    - Understand how you can get momentum with your email marketing activities
    - Learn how email marketing in combination with social media can attract more customers faster
    - Learn best practice techniques to attract, convert and retain customers through permission based email marketing
    - Get the insights you need to fully leverage your email marketing potential

    The program is designed to for both B2B, B2C as well as NGO’s and government organizations. Business of all sizes will benefit. You will get information that can contribute to improved results now. The focal point of the masterclass is to give you relevant and practical information that you can implement immediately.

    By attending you will get valuable insight on proven methodologies that can put your email marketing activities to the top.

    Come alone if you are the only person involved in marketing & communications. Bring your colleagues if you work in a team. Invite your agency, if you have one.


    Welcome and opening announcements


    Keynote Presentation: The 7 Step Plan To Become A Successful Permission Email Marketer, Michael Leander
    Outlining the executive plan you need to know in order to generate better results from permission based email marketing activities such as email marketing campaigns, newsletters and transactional email marketing, Michael Leander will cover:
    •The past and future of email marketing: Learn from the mistakes of others
    •Objectifying email marketing and how to get started setting your Critical Few Objectives for maximum focus
    •Tracking user behavior and how you can utilize that knowledge to improve your Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)
    •Important Email Marketing Benchmark numbers, facts and case studies from successful email marketers in B2B and B2C markets
    •Understand that email marketing is not a game of inbox, but a game of Mind Box
    •Learn why the best email marketers are multi-channel marketers and what they gain
    •See how the best in class actively cultivates their email marketing database and why this brings additional Return on [Email] Marketing Investment

    This session is backed up by FEDMA's Pan European Email Marketing Benchmark Report Executive Summary, which you will receive as an attendee

    10:30 Break

    How to build a compelling content concept and define a winning email marketing value proposition, Michael Leander

    The content concept and your email marketing value proposition is critical to your success. In this session you will learn:
    •How to build a compelling content concept
    •Designing your email marketing value proposition
    •Defining your email marketing ecosystem for maximum results

    How to acquire subscribers to your permission based email marketing programs, Michael Leander
    Effectively attracting subscribers to your newsletters and/or opt-in to your email marketing promotions requires specific knowledge.
    Michael will teach you:
    •How to design your acquisition forms and work with call-to-actions in multiple channels
    •Effective tactics to acquire new subscribers - even with very little budget

    13:00 Lunch

    14:00 15 things you can do to improve your email marketing results: from open rates via design best practices to action conversions
    A company in Europe was hurt badly by the crisis. To turn the tide they took to email marketing. They implemented 27 things that helped them attract a huge number of new customers in record time. In this session Michael Leander will share with you 15 of these 27 quick-wins including;
    - Earning the open and getting the click: tactics that will help nearly all types of business in all types of industries
    - Get the design right; avoid common mistakes in email marketing template designs and go with best practice
    - The power of testing; see how simple A/B split testing can transform mediocre results to world class results

    15:30 Coffee break

    16:00 Local case studies

    Certificate Ceremony
    In this session you will be rewarded with your certificate of attendance issued by DMAi and international training institute Markedu.

    At 9:15am to 5:30pm, Wednesday 1st August

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