Sessions at .eduGuru Summit 2012 on Tuesday 10th April

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  • Admission Fitness

    by Ashley Hennigan

    Your institution is one-of-a-kind. So, why do so many college admissions marketing efforts look exactly the same?

    It's time to start combining authenticity, creativity and fit into every part of your admissions marketing strategy.

    There is a certain kind of student that will be successful in your academic environment. It's more important than ever to be authentic. Let your freak flags fly and find those students who fit in with your institution's mission.

    Academic success and retention start with enrolling the right students. Finding those students is easy when you know exactly who you are.

    And, guess what? These students are looking for you! Stop hiding behind the status-quo and start attracting the right students to your college.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Tuesday 10th April

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  • Lifetime Engagement Management

    by Zablocki

    From the very first day that a prospect opens your admissions materials, they have a relationship with you. This is a one-to-one, lifelong relationship between the university and an individual, not a many-to-one relationship between different departments of a university and a prospect, a student, an alum, and a donor.

    When each stage of the relationship cycle is manned by a different team in a different silo with a different technology, our half of the relationship seems schizophrenic, forgetful, and thoughtless.
    Today's admissions prospect is next decade's donor. This is why your admissions team needs to meet with your student affairs team and your alumni team and get on the same page.

    Fran Zablocki will talk about the concept of lifecyle relationship management, the challenges to achieving it, and the potential rewards if you can

    At 3:00pm to 4:00pm, Tuesday 10th April

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