Sessions at EuroPython 2012 about Open Source on Friday 6th July

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  • How Brazil is building a digital nation with open source and Python

    by Erico Andrei

    Over the last decade Brazilian government embraced open source and Python for its online initiatives, but being a very decentralized organization with loose guidelines regarding technology definition, it is an example of how collaboration happens despite barriers lack of coordination.

    This talk will cover major success cases like:

    •, the main hub for the Brazilian e-gov initiative. Built with Plone CMS and maintained by a team of over 70 people – journalists, developers, designers and integrators.
    • Interlegis program, an initiative to provide system automation, using Django, Zope and Plone, to more than 200 legislative houses through the country.
    • Electoral Justice with an unified web presence approach for all 28 instances.

    Also this talk will explain how organizations within the government collaborate with each using their lower decks.

    At 9:45am to 10:30am, Friday 6th July

    In Lasagne, Grand Hotel Mediterraneo

    Coverage video

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