Every CIO's Guide to Managing Risk schedule

Thursday 20th September 2012

  • Every CIO’s Guide to Pro-Active Risk Management – IT Risk Management Revealed

    his second of two presentations provides examples of risk control practices and tools through actual case studies. Practical examples allow participants to gain a good understanding of how these principles can be applied in their own organization. Attendees will leave this event equipped with the know-how to address the key risks to IT performance and visibly improve the value IT delivers to their organization.

    • Using business case studies of best practice in action, we show how market leaders:
    • Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of application portfolios
    • Manage the risks of legacy systems
    • Reliably deliver the desired business outcome from software projects
    • Ensure value for money from IT budgets

    On Thursday 20th September

  • Making the Change - The Management Context

    by Phil Standing

    Changing behaviour is key to effective IT risk management. The challenge for management is to change your organisational culture from a ‘fire-fighting’ approach to a pro-active capability to solve problems and learn from experience. That means engaging your people in real change - not simply compliance. This presentation draws on case history to show how you can:

    • set business objectives from stakeholder's goals
    • make an objective evaluation of your current state; ie identify problems, how requirements are developed from the objects, how well are issues defined, how visible are they, how well is IT aligned to the business?
    • identify root causes, possible counter measures and actions
    • "Stop the line" until major problems are fixed
    • ensure your organisation's culture supports new initiatives
    • put in place an objective set of measures which tell you where you are, how well you are doing, what further improvements need to be made
    • break changes down into incremental steps, each low risk/cost, makes the change initiative steerable, measurable, understandable and visible

    On Thursday 20th September

  • What is IT Risk Management?

    by Gavin Martin

    Are you managing risk or reacting to the resulting problems?
    Our expert practitioners will address:
    - Identifying “Commitment to Deliver” (services, applications, SLA’s, business goals, budget)
    -Establishing the “Ability to Deliver” (processes, staff, knowledge, infrastructure)
    - Ensuring you meet or exceed the commitment to deliver
    -Identifying and mitigating threats to delivery
    -Visibility of services, costs, benefits and value
    -Governance and control (schedules, processes)
    -Optimization. How to transform IT to deliver what the business needs, when it needs it, in less time, at less cost

    On Thursday 20th September