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Jaswinder Virdee

Some guy who knows HTML. DVLPR @WeAreSocial. Silent Member of @yinnyangtweets. Call me Shiva the destroyer of worlds or just call me the Janitor-Meet @JdotVdot bio from Twitter

Alex Folch

Majorcan Londoner. Marathon runner and Triathlete. Currently working at @SPIKALtd bio from Twitter

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Gavin Bell

Client Director @EY_Seren, service design for Govt & Public sector ex @MoJDigital Cyclist, racing for ELV; O'Reilly author; Londoner & Dad, views my own. bio from Twitter

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UK's biggest community of coders & developers, bringing people togetherto discover, learn & adapt new skills and technologies. Moving to #CodeNode Aug '15 bio from Twitter

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