Sessions at Future Insights Live 2012 about Design on Tuesday 1st May

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  • 10 Lessons Learned in Creative Web Design

    by Mike Kus

    After working in the creative industries for 15 years, in a career that started in print design and spanned right through to web and mobile app design, Mike has learned some valuable lessons about staying creative under pressure, the design process, running a small design business and designing your own web application. He now takes to the stage to share his experiences and to reveal the 10 most important lessons that he's learned along the way.

    At 10:00am to 10:50am, Tuesday 1st May

  • Design Basics for Developers

    by RJ Owen™ and Michael Salamon

    In the user experience field, you can’t just be a developer anymore. Next-generation developers need to understand some design basics in order to communicate effectively with designers and provide their own sound suggestions and validations for UX improvements in application development projects. This in-depth session will explore the basics of both high-level interaction design and lower-level visual design in a way that maximizes energy and time in the development process. Attendees will walk away with a solid understanding and real-world examples of design techniques and principles that should be in every developer’s vernacular and toolset.

    At 2:05pm to 2:55pm, Tuesday 1st May

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  • The Future of Design Process

    by Samantha Warren

    As the web matures so does web design. New technology and methodologies like responsive design give way to a bright landscape of possibilities for rich design experiences. How do designers adapt to these changes? What does a design deliverable look like when you are no longer designing for static page widths, but creating large scale design systems? How do you communicate with your clients so they know what to expect? In this presentation Samantha will talk about designing web systems, using Style Tiles, and establishing a visual language to be a productive, creative, and effective designer of the future.

    At 3:05pm to 3:55pm, Tuesday 1st May