Sessions at Future Insights Live 2012 about Analytics

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Tuesday 1st May 2012

  • What We Don't Know: Accommodating the Unknown User

    by Chris Coyier

    At the very moment a visitor comes to our website, we know extremely little about the whole round trip. We don't know who the person is or anything about them. We don't know how they interact with their web browser. We don't know what web browser it is or what kind of screen and device it's on. We don't know how that browser connects to the internet. That's an awful lot of unknowns. We could look at analytics and averages and market research and try and pretend like we know. Or we can embrace those unknowns as a philosophy. We can cater to them and make better websites.

    At 10:00am to 10:50am, Tuesday 1st May

Thursday 3rd May 2012

  • The Secret Life of Social Media

    by Hilary Mason

    Ever wonder how a meme begins? Or what people who share serious news *actually* read about? Or what percentage of all links on the web are about the weather? At bitly, we see hundreds of millions of share and click events every day. I'll talk about how people share, read, and create content and how it spreads through space and time.

    At 10:00am to 10:50am, Thursday 3rd May

Friday 4th May 2012

  • Using Your Data to find a better web

    by George Ortiz

    There's a better web out there and it's hiding behind your data. We spend countless resources on weeks of A/B testing. We constantly ask ourselves what is "good" design. How can we create a better UX and overall, more user interactions and conversions? In this talk George will share insights on the methodology of aggregating data to deliver real-time approaches on the best ways to deliver content. Learn how to aggregate your data to increase user interactions and conversions while minimizing the risk, cost, and overall time spent. There is a better web out there, let's find it together.

    At 2:05pm to 2:55pm, Friday 4th May