Sessions at Future Insights Live 2012 about Responsive Web Design

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Tuesday 1st May 2012

  • A Responsive Process: One Web To Rule Them All

    by Steve Fisher

    The web is not a fixed width, and Steve Fisher thinks we are remembering that. If our medium is fluid, should our process be fixed? Steve prefers designing within the browser, especially when responsive design is a requirement. Fireworks and Photoshop are not flexible enough to demonstrate media queries, button and menu states, HTML5 and JavaScript behaviors, dynamic resizing of elements and navigation flow. Because the medium is fluid, our approach to design has to be fluid as well. A responsive process is a responsible process, matching the medium. After working with many companies and organizations, helping them transform their process to fit a responsive workflow, Steve is going to share the goods. One web to rule them all!

    At 11:30am to 12:20pm, Tuesday 1st May

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Friday 4th May 2012

  • Tooling for Change

    by Steve Fisher

    The web will never be the same! Each year the web feels like it hits critical mass and then it does it all over again. This session will dig into how to best engage with an ever changing web and how to connect with the new web. From responsive web design to changing our process.

    At 10:00am to 10:50am, Friday 4th May