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  • Build Better, Faster: An Introduction to Django

    by Jacob Kaplan-Moss

    Django is a high-level web development framework designed for rapid development of database-backed web sites. Because Django was developed in a fast-paced newsroom environment, it was designed to make common Web-development tasks fast and easy. This session is designed to introduce developers to Django. I'll cover:

    • Django's philosophy and how it expects developers to think about web applications.
    • The basic workflow for developing Django applications.
    • Django's approach to web apps: models, views, templates (and the automatic admin interface).
    • Where Django excels: types of applications where Django particularly excels; use cases that play to Django's strengths.
    • Where Django's headed: what does the future hold for Django (and for Python web applications in general)?

    This presentation assumes at least a passing familiarity with Python. Those without any Python experience should be able to follow along with the great majority of the material, however. Similarly, some experience with web development (in any language) is assumed.

    At 2:05pm to 2:55pm, Tuesday 1st May

    Coverage slide deck