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Monday 27th February 2012

  • Games for Kids. Flash vs HTML5

    by Jon Howard

    At BBC Children's, games are hugely important. 60% of users who come to the CBBC homepage will press the 'games' button as their first action. Essentially, we do games. There is an expectation from kids that all of their favourite brands will have great casual game content and on the web this is the case, but on mobile web the challenges are tough. When deciding on what technology to build games with, we need to understand how users access CBBC & CBeebies. More and more, our audience is coming to the site via mobile devices. To enable compelling content for these users we are now building some games in HTML5.

    A big factor when designing games for children is to understand how the audience uses devices. In this presentation Jon will reveal details of the BBC's research into usage and level of engagement, which help to define the products we build. This session will look at the technical and production issues, performance, cross browser and cross device inconsistencies. Jon will look at what makes a great Flash game and how to achieve that quality using HTML5 on a mobile or tablet. Areas covered will be game mechanics, control methods and rendering. Also elements that are key to BBC content such as brand appropriateness, accessibility and user engagement.

    At 10:00am to 11:30am, Monday 27th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

    Coverage write-up

  • Open Web Technologies as an Alternative to Plugins

    by Michal Budzynski

    When Macromedia introduced Flash back in 1996, no one suspected that this plug-in would revolutionize the Internet and move open, web-based technologies into the background. Today after more than 15 years, the situation slowly reverses. Finally creating interactive websites, games or advertisements is possible without using any browser plug-ins. Michal will take us on a tour of the world's holy war between Plug-ins like Flash and HTML, and will attempt to figure out if this is enough.

    At 11:45am to 12:35pm, Monday 27th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

  • NextGen Instruments, Sculpting with Code

    by Memo Akten

    Every aspect of our universe hangs in a most delicate balance, the slightest shift in this balance can have drastic results. A tiny fractional modification of one number could make the difference between matter or no matter. Technology is developing faster than ever, apparently revolutionising every aspect of our lives - including how we design, perform and create artworks. But are things really that different today compared to a few hundred years ago? Memo discusses the importance of these issues in his work. He presents a number of his projects as case studies: interactive installations, music videos, live performances, opera, street dance - all in a wide variety of mediums, but have in common an underlying theme: exploring new ways of creating and performing visual and sonic art to maintain a realtime connection to the creation process, allowing finer control over the shaping of the outcome. He discusses inspiration and motivation behind the works, as well as the processes; the balance between design, research, foresight and experimentation - and more specifically: the act of sculpting with code - yet even more specifically: the recursive act of sculpting instruments with code for further sculpting ...

    At 12:50pm to 1:40pm, Monday 27th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

  • The Art of Imagination

    by Ars Thanea

    Imagine that we will take you through the work from our agency.
    Imagine that we will share some of the newest projects that vary from Image Creation, through Interactive & Mobile experiences up to Digital Filmmaking.
    Imagine that we will share loads of production insights, production problems and solutions.

    This is the Art of Imagination. This is Ars Thanea.

    At 4:05pm to 4:55pm, Monday 27th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

  • Deep Dive in the Flash Platform Roadmap

    by Thibault Imbert

    With the introduction of Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 last October, a new set of exciting new capabilities have been exposed to developers, but what's coming next?

    Join Thibault Imbert (sr. product manager for the Flash runtime) for a deep dive in the Flash Platform roadmap and discover what is coming in 2012 for you, Flash developers.

    At 5:10pm to 6:00pm, Monday 27th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

Tuesday 28th February 2012

  • CreativeJS: Visual Fun in JavaScript

    by Seb Lee-Delisle

    As browsers evolve, the range of visual effects and interactions available is now incredibly sophisticated. Seb will take you through the easiest ways to create animations and particle effects, and demonstrate some of the best projects to emerge from the new creative JavaScripters.

    And as you can usually expect something a little unconventional from Seb, there'll be WebSocket based audience participation.

    At 10:00am to 11:30am, Tuesday 28th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

  • Creativity vs. Technology

    by Harm Van Zon and Stan Smulders

    Onesize never thinks about the means of execution when they brainstorm ideas. By doing so they’re constantly solving challenges instead of putting up boundaries. This session will give you a look into the kitchen at Onesize. You’ll see breakdowns as well as the making and animatics of several past projects. Harm and Stan will explain how original ideas forced them to push their technical limits.

    At 11:45am to 12:35pm, Tuesday 28th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

  • Adobe Gaming Technology

    by Lee Brimelow and Tom Krcha

    In this session Gaming Evangelists Lee Brimelow and Tom Krcha will reveal the latest technologies being worked on by Adobe for game developers. They will show how these technologies allow developers to create casual 2D games in addition to AAA 3D games. Current best practices will also be discussed.

    At 12:50pm to 1:40pm, Tuesday 28th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

  • Mobile Development with PhoneGap

    by Jesse MacFadyen and Jesse MacFadyen

    Explore how you can bring your web development skills to mobile application development. PhoneGap lets you take advantage of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create native mobile applications across multiple devices. Learn about new devices that you can build for, including Windows Phone, from the lead developer of PhoneGap for Windows Phone. Get valuable best practices for targeting multiple devices all with varying capabilities, and screen sizes. Discover how build.phonegap.com will let you build a single application for multiple device platforms in the cloud.

    At 2:50pm to 3:40pm, Tuesday 28th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

  • ASFEAT // Action Script Computer Vision

    by Eugene Zatepyakin

    This session will cover fast and efficient ways to detect image feature points that can be used to localize predefined image patterns. That means you will be able to use any regular image as marker for an Augmented Reality experience. Eugene will discuss image processing stuff in Flash, how to archive realtime performance and what tricks can be used to speed it up.

    At 3:55pm to 4:55pm, Tuesday 28th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

  • The New Playground: Adobe & HTML5

    by Deepa Subramaniam

    Learn more about what Adobe is doing to advance and promote the open web. Join Deepa Subramaniam, Group Product Manager of Open Web Technologies @ Adobe, as she shows off what Adobe is contributing via web standards, new features in WebKit and HTML-focused developer and designer tooling, including Adobe Edge and Adobe PhoneGap. Whether you're a whiz-kid developer who can handcode HTML, CSS, JS or a designer wanting to make expressive experiences in HTML, this is a not-to-miss session, including sneaks of new contributions Adobe has lined up for CSS and HTML5! This session is perfect for developers or designers who know Adobe is doing something in the HTML5 space, but don't know the specifics just yet.

    At 5:10pm to 6:00pm, Tuesday 28th February

    In Shaffyyzaal, Felix Meritis

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