The Future of Web Design London 2012 speakers

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Andy Smith


Andy Smith is a web developer of 13 years, local radio DJ of 6, and a once-failed teenage magician. After spending 6 years developing the UK’s leading eLearning platform, he upped sticks and moved to Sweden to help Spotify put music everywhere that you are.

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Bill Buxton

Microsoft Research

A Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, Bill has had a 30 year involvement in research, practice and commentary around design, innovation and human aspects of technology. Following a 20 year career as a professional musician, he morphed into a researcher at Xerox PARC, then Chief Scientist of Alias Research and SGI Inc. He has been awarded three honourary doctorates, is co-recipient of an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical Achievement, received an ACM/SIGCHI Lifetime Achievement Award, and is a Fellow of the ACM. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Toronto and Distinguished Professor of Industrial Design at the Technical University Eindhoven. Besides his family, mountains and rivers are his first love.

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Brendan Dawes

Beep Industries

Brendan Dawes is a MoMA exhibited artist, designer, author, maker, self confessed generalist and the founder of Beep Industries. Ever since his first experiences with the humble ZX81 back in the early eighties, Brendan has continued to explore the interplay of people, code, design and art through the products released through Beep Industries and on brendandawes.com, a personal space where he publishes random thoughts, toys and projects created from an eclectic mix of digital and analog objects. In 2009 he was listed among the top twenty web designers in the world by .Net magazine and was featured in the "Design Icon" series in Computer Arts.

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Chris Eppstein


Chris Eppstein is a Software Architect at Caring.com, with over 12 years of experience building web sites and web applications. He is the creator of the Compass stylesheet framework, and a Sass core team member and has many other contributions in the Ruby open source community. Chris graduated from the world-renowned California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in 2000 with a degree in Software Engineering.

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Davin Wilfrid

Future Insights

Davin heads up our community site, Future Insights! He also graces the stage as MC at all of our events and shows...

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Jack Lenox


Jack has been building websites since he was 11 and has gradually got better at it! At university he set up a newspaper and built a website with accompanying iPhone app. He then established a small development company and has built websites and web apps for numerous startups and established entrepreneurs including former Dragon Doug Richard. For the past four years Jack has specialised almost exclusively in WordPress web solutions (http://wordpress.org/) and is a staunch believer in its application as a framework. Now going it alone, Jack is taking the entrepreneurial route with his award-winning startup Jottify (which is of course built around WordPress).

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James Coglan


James Coglan is a developer at London live music start-up Songkick. A full-stack programmer, he hacks Ruby web services by day and open-source JavaScript by night. His recent obsessions include Faye, a pub/sub networking library for the web, and Fargo, a programming language written in JavaScript.

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James Fenton

Tribal Group

James Fenton has been providing graphic and UI design for e-leaning products since 2001. Now Art Director at Tribal Group, he is responsible for establishing a 'good design' culture across a suite of digital learning tools, delivered through mobile, desktop and the classroom. He sketches, codes and builds things, and appreciates a good wallpaper (on real walls).

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Joe Leech


A recovering neuroscientist via a spell as a primary school teacher to a MSc in Human Computer Interaction, Joe embarked on a UX career 10 years ago. He's conducted over 800 user tests and designed interfaces for people like eBay, Marriott, Virgin and many more. As a User Experience Director for cxpartners Joe heads up a team of user experience consultants. He specialises in designing every aspect of the user experience from initial research to developing online strategies to producing wireframes & managing a design team.

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Jon Tan


Jon is a designer living in Bristol, UK, and founding member of the Analog co-operative where he works with friends doing things like the upcoming app, Mapalong, the Brooklyn Beta conference, and running the Mild Bunch HQ. He is also the co-founder of web fonts service, Fontdeck and occassionally does work for organisations like BBC Future Media. He's a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers and serves on Smashing Magazine’ experts panel.

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Jonathan Berger

Pivotal Labs

Jonathan Berger is a designer, developer and technologist who’s been active in the NYC technology scene since around 2005, helping to organize events like the Agile Experience Design Meetup, Startup Weekend, Barcamp, Fashioncamp, and Ignite. He spends his days building software with Pivotal Labs and his nights and weekends working on Market Publique. Prior to that, he earned a Bachelors in Philosophy at Vassar College and a Masters in Media Studies at the New School. He has worked as a designer, developer, video editor, animator, and technology consultant for institutions as diverse as Eyebeam, MTV Networks, Yahoo!, Ogilvy, and the American Museum of Natural History. He speaks about startups and technology at events like O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo, New York Tech Meetup, Fashion 2.0 Startup Showcase, Startup Weekend, North Brooklyn Breakfast Club, The Product Group, and others.

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Josh Clark

Global Moxie

Josh Clark is a designer, developer, and author specializing in mobile design strategy and user experience. He’s author of the O’Reilly books “Tapworthy: Designing Great iPhone Apps” and “Best iPhone Apps: The Guide for Discriminating Downloaders.” Josh’s outfit Global Moxie offers consulting services and workshops to help creative companies build tapworthy mobile apps and effective websites.

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Laura Kalbag

Designer at Ind.ie, making Better. Mostly on about web, ethics, accessibility, privacy, dev, and walks with Osky the huskamute. Older than I look. Not cleverer.

Laura Kalbag is a designer easily excited by web design and development. Among her list of ever-changing pet subjects are mobile web, semantic web, web fonts and WordPress, but she's really fascinated by anything in the areas of web, mobile and design. Laura has been a freelancer for the whole of her professional life. She revels in working with small and meaningful clients, creating websites, apps, icons, illustrations and the odd logo.

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Mark Boulton

Mark Boulton Design

Mark Boulton is a graphic designer living in South Wales with his wife and two daughters. He runs a small design studio, Mark Boulton Design, where he works with clients such as ESPN, Warner Bros, BBC, British Energy and Drupal. He is also co-founder of small publishing imprint, Five Simple Steps, who publish practical design books for the web community.

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Martin Beeby


Martin works for Microsoft where he evangelises HTML5 and the web. He’s been a developer since the late 90s and loves figuring out problems and experimenting with code.

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Matt Gifford

Web & application developer, author, magazine contributor, conference speaker, runner, dad. bio from Twitter

Matt Gifford is an RIA developer from Cambridge who specializes in ColdFusion development. With over ten years' industry experience across various sectors, Matt is currently working with BBC. A regular presenter at national and international conferences, Matt also contributes articles and tutorials to international industry magazines, and maintains his blog www.mattgifford.co.uk. As an Adobe Community Professional for ColdFusion and Adobe User Group manager (Hertfordshire, UK), Matt is a keen proponent for community resources and sharing knowledge. Matt is the author of “Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion” and the upcoming “PhoneGap Cookbook”.

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Paul Bellows

Yellow Pencil

Paul has been working on Yellow Pencil since the mid-1990s, but it wasn't called Yellow Pencil until the end of 1996. After graduating with a lofty but impractical degree focusing on literary criticism of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, he began a career as a voyageur-songwriter. He recorded several critically acclaimed records as he rode the Greyhound from depot to depot. Non-stop bus travel is terrible on one's muscular-skeletal health, however, so he slowly transitioned to new media and marketing, starting with a position heading up the North American sales team for the CD-ROM division of Peter Gabriel's Real World Records. The day that everyone stopped buying CD-ROMs was the day before the day that Paul became a full-time Internet marketing practitioner, which barely preceded the day that he took a position as Webmaster for the legendary Alberta radio network CKUA, and led their award-winning web transformation project. Following that, and a year as the Website Editor at the Capital Health Authority, he officially closed the chapter in his life wherein he could blame others for his mistakes, and founded the Yellow Pencil we know and love.

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Paul Boag


Paul Boag has been working on the web since 1993. He is a User Experience Consultant for Headscape Ltd, a web design agency that he founded back in 2002. Paul also produces and hosts the longest running and popular web design podcast at boagworld. He is a regular speaker at conferences and author of the Website Owners Manual.

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Remy Sharp

Left Logic

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Richard Shepherd

WhaleShark Media

Richard is a web designer and developer, Front-end lead at VoucherCodes.co.uk, and contributor to Smashing Magazine. He's also half of the team behind OmooHQ.com

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Rob Borley


Rob has been working with the web since 2002. Starting life as a techy he moved through project management and business development and today he is the co-founder of U.K. based mobile applications development agency Dootrix. Rob also consults on emerging technologies at U.K. web agency Headscape working closely with clients to help them formulate and realise their online strategy. Rob has been involved in the wider web community as a host of leading web design podcast; Boagworld.

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Robin Christopherson


After a degree in Engineering at Cambridge and working as an IT instructor for the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), Robin was a founding member of AbilityNet in 1998. Robin now manages AbilityNet’s Web Consultancy services – heading a team that is globally acclaimed as experts in accessibility auditing, disabled user testing and designing attractive websites that are both accessible and easy to use by all. Despite being blind, Robin uses a computer very effectively by relying on speech output to access the full range of mainstream software including email and the internet. He has a first-hand appreciation of the importance of good web design practice to accessibility.

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Sarah Parmenter

You Know Who

Sarah specialises in User Interface Design for iOS devices and the web, she regularly makes contributions to online web design related websites and written features to various magazines. Sarah also speaks at web design conferences around the world and is lucky to consult, and work for, many companies that we all know and love.

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Stephanie Troeth

Strategist & Researcher. Formerly Head of Research @Clearleft. Podcast addict, slow food aficionada. Usually found under an avalanche of Post-Its. bio from Twitter

Steph is a user experience strategist who loves maturing ideas and making things real. She has worn many hats, including a product lead for a startup in digital publishing and a studio director at a digital agency. She is also known for her grassroots contributions to best web practices through the Web Standards Project and the W3C. Well-travelled and living on her fourth island, she speaks several flavours of English, a few languages, and possesses an indecipherable accent.

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Steve Fisher

Yellow Pencil

Steve is an internationally renowned interactive designer, speaker and open source evangelist. He has done work for companies all over North America and travels the world talking about design, user experience and open source. Currently Steve is working as the UX Director for Yellow Pencil, serves as the national vice president of web for the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada and can be found hanging out with some of the core teams contributing to open source projects like Drupal. Steve likes running, fancy shirts and twitter. Find him at www.hellofisher.com

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The Standardistas

Two tweed-clad gentlemen based in Belfast, we write about design, web standards and assorted miscellany in a daily periodical you might enjoy reading. bio from Twitter

In addition to their role as lecturers in interactive design at the University of Ulster at Belfast, where they have been active in promoting a web standards-based curriculum, Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson are practicing designers and digital artists. Their work has featured in a variety of design books and magazines alongside numerous internationally respected designers and they are regular speakers at design conferences and workshops worldwide.

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Vitaly Friedman

Smashing Magazine

Vitaly Friedman, editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.