Fresh Conference schedule

Sunday 15th January 2012

  • HYBRID meeting experiences and lessons learnt + a tool + a case

    by Joanne Celens, Mael Guillemot, Samuel Jay Smith and Ruud Janssen

    Ruud Janssen CMM, Serial Entrepreneur (Basel Switzerland), TNOC
    Samuel J. Smith (REMOTE SPEAKER), Participation Technology Guru (Minneapolis, USA), Interactive Meeting Technology
    Mael Guillemot, CEO (Martigny, Switzerland), KLEWEL
    Joanne Celens, CEO (Brussels Belgium), Synthetron

    EventCamp is an open format that focuses on and experiments with Hybrid meetings. This session wil have two speakers, one remote and one on site (= Hybrid panel) and will focus on the lessons learned from several Event-Camps (= hybrid events) done. Session leader Ruud Janssen introduces Event-Camp format and presents some of the lessons learned + the remote presentation by Sam Smith, one of the initiators of the Event-Camps. + the Human tool that helps to keep lonely, remote participants focused and engaged + The Technology tool FRESH uses for it's web-casting deserves some attention + An amazing Case where 700 people in a room + 700 individuals at home generated and filtered 120.000 ideas

Wednesday 18th January 2012