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Rich Caudle

Platform Evangelist at @Datasift, the Big Data social platform. Prev Pusher, MRM, BBC. bio from Twitter

Javier Usobiaga

I'm a web designer & front-end developer based in Barcelona, and co-founder of http://Swwweet.com. I also write boring profile descriptions. bio from Twitter

Nefty Loria

I am a fun #web & #mobile designer who loves crafting visual experiences.

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Pierre Spring

Freelance frontend developer accepting work starting January 2015. bio from Twitter

Michele Gerarduzzi

I make Internet. Currently working @zooppaitalia. bio from Twitter


Una vita spesa a schivare la fresa bio from Twitter

Andy Dennis

I help people consider and create things. Mostly close to glowing rectangles. Often near the sea or some hills. bio from Twitter

Francesco Levorato

Married, father of 2, singer, happily developing in Symfony2, Backbone, Ruby/Rails as a code craftsman. bio from Twitter

Christian Schaefer

Nick: Schepp | Fullstack Webdev w/ Focus on Frontend & Perf | IT-Technician | 3D-Artist | @workingdraft Host | @wwnrw Organizer | Photos: Bodo Oerder & @stn1978 bio from Twitter

Stefano Ceschi B.

Married to Deborah and father of Rebecca. Software engineer @timerepublik. @unipd grad. #react #js #ftw. See website for more nerdy details :) bio from Twitter

Andrea Panisson

A futurefriend.ly web developer devoted to client side technologies. Addicted Drupal themer, jQuery lover, IA, I care UX and I'm a proud @twinbit team member bio from Twitter

Manuele Capacci

Digital Product Designer and Consultant. Founder of OurFires design studio. Co-founder of Dinamo Coworking Space. bio from Twitter

Pierpaolo Follia

Java, Groovy, Javascript and Objective-C developer bio from Twitter

Irena Dugonjić

Content strategist @creativenights, @ffwdpro co-organizer, cartoon lover, book lover but above all mother and wife. To infinity and beyond! bio from Twitter

Marta Armada

Web designer at Swwweet.com

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Laura Kalbag

Designer at Ind.ie, making Better. Mostly on about web, ethics, accessibility, privacy, dev, and walks with Osky the huskamute. Older than I look. Not cleverer.

m. fruehmann

doing web stuff at http://www.kollektivkreativ.at. happy and proud father. coffee and beer enthusiast. photographing, kiting and biking.

matijs brinkhuis

Dutch freelance frontend web developer living in Brighton. @FronteersConf '13 organiser. Markup hipster, boulderer, coffee enthusiast and foodie.

Paolo Cavanna

Front End Developer at DriveK bio from LinkedIn


Freelance front-end developer / Builds websites for the people that use them / Loves progressive enhancement / Treasurer at @fronteers bio from Twitter

Emanuel Blagonic

Father. Designer. WordPresser. Problem solver. Always in a hurry. Wants to change the world. In spare time helps build Croatian WordPress community.

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Lea Verou

Research Assistant @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE,@OReillyMedia author, Ex @W3C staff.Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

Alessandro Colla

Tech enthusiast, programmer, agile practitioner, Kinect, occasional blogger bio from Twitter

Mark Mitchell

He was a man of many nations. Digital Designer and UI Developer. bio from Twitter


Working in software industry. Visual designer who loves make the web sexier. currently working @HitFoxGroup and part of the @fromthefront team

Matt Lucht

Enjoy helping people make things on the internet. Have a camera I don't use enough. Often found listening to music about whisky, heartbreak and tattoos.

Emanuele Rodriguez

Freelance frontend web architect. Organizer at @fromthefront and supporter at @kerningconf bio from Twitter

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Jonathan Snook

Web designer, developer, speaker, writer, and now product manager. I wrote SMACSS. I work at Shopify. bio from Twitter

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