FSC Hack Day Pre- Brief schedule

Wednesday 25th April 2012

  • What's the FSC Hackday?

    by John Bevan, Harriet White and Ant Miller

    The organisers of the FSC Hackday will run through the plan for the event and the rationale for holding it. Hi level, packed with info and hilarious jokes about 'longshore drift' your presenters will fill your heart with a sense of bonhomie and wanderlust. You will understand exactly what the whole thing is about by the end (but have mysteriously forgotten all the details of the last romcom you saw at the cinema).

    Nota bene- the management reserve the right to make stuff up.

    At 5:20pm to 5:40pm, Wednesday 25th April

  • The Challenges

    The Hackday has some specific challenges that we want to address. These will all be given brief presentations by the challengers (if they can make it) or by a small travelling puppet theatre (if we can find one in time), or by the organisers.

    At 5:40pm to 6:10pm, Wednesday 25th April

  • Team Intros

    Teams and potential teams able to join us at the Mozspace are invited to give a quick introduction to their group and their aims, and tout for additional participants if they want to.

    At 6:10pm to 6:30pm, Wednesday 25th April

  • APIs and resources

    Finishing up with an overview of planned APIs and other development resources available on the hackday.

    At 6:30pm to 7:00pm, Wednesday 25th April