Sessions at Front-Trends 2012 about Case Studies on Thursday 26th April

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  • Responsive Redesign: Smashing Magazine's Case-Study

    by Vitaly Friedman

    You know it’s time to redesign when your design is becoming your own bottleneck — incapable of reflecting your changes, values and the new direction of your enterprise. If your list of necessary UX improvements is getting longer, yet you can’t meaningfuly integrate them in your current design, that’s a clear sign that something has to change. That’s exactly the issue Smashing Magazine's team faced before it decided to redesign Smashing Magazine back in July 2011. In this talk Vitaly Friedman, the founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, provides practical insights into the responsive redesign process and the decisions made (and rejected) during the process. Vitaly will share how the team transformed the new vision in the new design, explain technical difficulties and problems in the responsive design process as well as things to keep in mind when dealing with legacy content.

    At 10:20am to 10:50am, Thursday 26th April