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Mihai Cîrlănaru

Senior Engineering Team Lead @Hudl • Previously @State, @mozilla • Opinions are typically on #JavaScript and tech conferences, always my own. bio from Twitter

Timur Manyanov

denkwerk web developer bio from Twitter


Freelance Front End Developer

This person is speaking at this event.
Anna Debenham

Front End Developer

Glenn Jones

Exploring semantic mark-up and data portability ideas. Founnder of Madgex. Brighton geek

Lindsay Allan

Front End Designer/Developer for Estee Lauder. Live Reviewer for @the405, Brighton correspondent for @theflymagazine, and Live Editor for @7bitarcade. bio from Twitter

Mark Stickley

Husband, web developer, aspiring cartoonist, consumer of popular music and would-be gamer. bio from Twitter

Richard Thorne

.NET, C#, distributed systems, hugs and sarcasm. ⚔ bio from Twitter

Arne Martin Aurlien

Passionate frontend developer. Award-winning beer brewer. Hardcore beard wearer. Ravenous burger eater.

Daniel Knell

Artisan of Code, Developer Ronin, and Friendly Giant

Adhip Gupta

coffee. web. developer. brighton. formula1. music. vxtindia. coffee. coffee. bio from Twitter

Wilson Page

Loving: #HTML5, #NodeJS, #MongoDB and plenty of #CSS3.

dave johnson

enigma wrapped in a paradox bio from Twitter

stuart lamour

ux developer @sussex & xxjfg co-founder


PHP developer & internet nerd ❤ otherwise reading about dragons and planning holidays :) What is this real world you speak of?! bio from Twitter

Mark Perkins

Frontend dev @clearleft by day, developer @activeinbox by night. Rather fond of a nice cup of tea.

Dan Forys

Mandarin speaking, PHP and JS developing, tech obsessing geek. Currently hacking away in the BBC Platform team. Opinions are my own etc... bio from Twitter

Jonathan Share

Senior Systemutvikler at UDP AS, former Opera Software employee, amateur musician bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Steven Wittens

I like computers, problems and using the former to solve the latter. Elegance over adequacy, thoughtfulness over impulse. bio from Twitter

Neil Crosby

A jolly nice chap who hugs, writes code and cooks.

Patrick Hastings

.net, c#, javascript developer and all round bit basher for hire. bio from Twitter

Isac Lagerblad

Sighted screen reader user that loves minimalistic, accessible and semantic markup. bio from Twitter

Marc Roberts

Principal and Co-Founder of Neutron Creations Ltd

Giulia Alfonsi

Front-end dev in Brighton. Addicted to html, css, javascript, my macbookpro, rock, pizza, thai food, american tv shows. And the sea: that's why I moved here.

Arthur Guy

Freelance Web Developer

Ashley Mosuro

Lead Web Designer who studied BA (Hons) Graphic & Web Design at The Cambridge School of Art. bio from Twitter

Tim Down

All-round web developer, JavaScript specialist, brother, son, lover, runner, singer, footballer, snowboarder, guitarist. Author of Rangy: http://goo.gl/h5QDQ

Michael Mathews

Web Developer and That JSDoc Guy bio from Twitter

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