Game Design Workshop - Day 1

A session at GDC Game Developers Conference 2012

  • Andrew Leker
  • Marc Leblanc
  • Eileen Hollinger
  • Jonathan Hamel
  • Stone Librande

Monday 5th March, 2012

10:00am to 6:00pm (PST)

This intensive two-day workshop will explore the day-to-day craft of game design through hands-on activities, group discussion, analysis and critique. Attendees will immerse themselves in the iterative process of refining a game design and discover design concepts that will help them think more clearly about their designs and make better games. The workshop presents a formal approach to game design, in which games viewed as systems, and analyzed in terms of their mechanics, dynamics and aesthetics.

Before we can even begin to design a game, we need to understand our aesthetic goals. In other words, we need to enumerate all the kinds of "fun" that we hope the game will provide its users. We can formalize our understanding of our game's aesthetic goals by formulating an aesthetic model for each goal - a formal description of the goal that identifies its criteria for success and possible modes of failure. The workshop will present a handful of aesthetic models as examples, and also encourage attendees to formulate their own. During the game design exercises, attendees will use aesthetic models as a yardstick to measure their progress throughout the design process.

Working in small groups, attendees will be given specific games to play and will analyze them in terms of aesthetic goals and models. Several different games will be explored and common game design themes will be identified as different groups share their results. For each game that they analyze, attendees will be presented with a concrete design exercise to undertake. An exercise might involve adding a new feature, accommodating a new goal or requirement, or fixing a design flaw. These exercises will challenge attendees to analyze and identify the design principles at work in a game, and to think flexibly and creatively while working within design constraints. They will serve as a starting point for discussing how the iterative design applies to games in digital and non-digital media.

In addition to these analysis-and-revision exercises, attendees will gain further practical experience working with these models through brief collaborative design projects, brainstorming sessions, critical analysis and discussion.

TAKEAWAY: Game designers and programmers will leave this workshop with new abstract tools for analyzing and improving their own game designs, a deeper understanding of iterative design, and other lessons that emerge from the small group discussions with their peers.

About the speakers

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Andrew Leker
This person is speaking at this event.
Marc Leblanc
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Eileen Hollinger
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Tim Stellmach

Shiny objects are good. bio from Twitter

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Frank Lantz

game designer bio from Twitter

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Art Min

Game Developer/Exec - Looking Glass(System Shock), Valve, Ion Storm Austin, and Paragon Studios (City of Heroes). Co-Founded 3 Gaming Companies. bio from Twitter

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Jonathan Hamel
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Jeb Havens

Singer/Songwriter/Game Designer in San Francisco, trying to make meaningful things... currently senior game designer at google. (www.jebhavens.com) bio from Twitter

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Stone Librande
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George Skleres

Game Designer/Programmer bio from Twitter

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Time 10:00am6:00pm PST

Date Mon 5th March 2012


236, South Hall, Moscone Center

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