HTML5 Tutorial Day

A session at GDC Game Developers Conference 2012

Monday 5th March, 2012

10:00am to 6:00pm (PST)

The HTML5 Tutorial Day features lectures from the top HTML5 developers working today. You'll learn from both experienced web developers as well as game developers who have shipped titles in HTML5. The tutorial starts with an overview of what game developers need to know about HTML5, followed by in-depth sessions on state of the art APIs, WebGL programming and debugging, lightning postmortems of HTML5 games, and what's coming next for HTML5 -- and how you as a game developer can affect what features get put in the next generation of web browsers.


9:30-10:00AM- COFFEE BREAK


SPEAKER: Rachel Blum (Google)

There are lots of cool things in HTML5. Even better, there are lots of cool things being added to HTML5 and Chrome all the time, quite a few with a focus on games. This talk is going to showcase some very recent and still-in-progress features, including a long look at Web Audio.

10:50-11:10AM- BREAK


SPEAKER: Michael "Z." Goddard (Gradient Studios)

The modern web browser is a unique environment for game development. It provides it’s own set of problems and tools. The goal of this tutorial is to present ideas and information about solving those problems and tools to improve a developer's experience creating a game for browsers. Topics covered include: component based architecture, asynchronous content loading, promise and event patterns, caching, and UI.

12:00-1:45PM- LUNCH


SPEAKER: Mike Dailly (YoYo Games)

This talk discusses high performance, fully dynamic WebGL, showing you how to get the most from WebGL when not dealing with "static" or "pre-compiled" models, and how to go about building a framework that allows for rapid, and efficient batching and submission of both 2D and 3D assets. You’ll learn how to get the best performance by keeping a simple, yet flexible vertex buffer system - particularly for 2D, and how efficient texture pages will maximize your batching. While this talk is based around 2D, the framework is easily extended into 3D for things like particle systems.

2:40-2:55PM- BREAK


SPEAKER: Rob Lockhart (Toy Studio)

Games, games, games. We can play them everywhere and anywhere. Whether it's on the train on your iPhone, in your living room on your XBox 360, or at work on your web browsers, games are everywhere. But there's a problem with games on different platforms right now. They don't provide a complete universal experience of the worlds that us as game developers want to create. But there's hope in a future with HTML5. With HTML5 there's the hope of being able to provide a universal experience once across many platforms. So the question is - how can we create the HTML5 Gears of War or Mass of Effect that will live on all of the devices we play our games on? What experiences can we make now for players? What is the future of games on one universal platform? We'll discuss the unique design opportunities of making HTML5 games.



SPEAKER: Ibon Tolosana (Ludei)

For decades we’ve heard the mantra “code once, run everywhere.” Nowadays, it’s JavaScript and HTML5 that promise to be the new ubiquitous platform solution. This presentation will deal with some platform pitfalls; showing that the HTML5 canvas element is not always the most compelling solution for JavaScript gaming, and that CSS3 3D transformations can be evil. But there's a bright light at the end of the tunnel for early adopters, and with a mixture of good platform abstraction and an awesome functional language, some light can be shed on the black magic of hacking for cross-platform deployment. Learn about how Ideateca’s confidently develops cross-platform JavaScript-based games, and how we turned them into first-class citizens among native applications.

TAKEAWAY: Attendees will come away with technical knowledge that will help them tackle tough problems on the cutting edge of HTML5 game development, as well as strategic knowledge to help them accurately assess technical risk on potential HTML5 game projects.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: This tutorial is intended for experienced game programmers, but no prior knowledge of HTML5 is assumed. It is assumed that attendees know how to make games, but are looking to learn HTML5 knowledge, tools, and techniques.

About the speakers

This person is speaking at this event.
Rachel Blum

Ex Game Developer, Shoe Addict, Programmer, Googler, and all-around Renaissance Gal. Standard Disclaimer applies. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Michael Z Goddard

Making games in Unity3D and WebGL. bio from Twitter

This person is speaking at this event.
Michael Dailly

Creator of Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto. Now working at YoYo Games on various mobile/console/web games, as well as GameMaker itself! bio from Twitter

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Robert Lockhart

Game Designer @toystudiogames . Former NYU Film Student bio from Twitter

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Ibon Tolosana

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Time 10:00am6:00pm PST

Date Mon 5th March 2012


2002, Moscone Center

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