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Official Mozilla account. Meet-ups to make and learn about the web. Hack jams to build sweet tools. Tweet @mozilla to get involved.

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Desigan Chinniah

Partnerships firestarter @mozilla & @firefox. Normally riding a big bird or in the park with my family. Always up for a coffee. Say hello@desiganchinniah.com.

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Ross Bruniges

Beer enthusiast. Mozilla web developer.

Diamond Braganza

Love technology, especially using it to bring people together, organised over 150 events around the world, including the UK, Hong Kong, Australia & New Zealand

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Amie Tyrrel

Work for Mozilla, Read Alot, Immigration Buff, Health & Fitness Junkie, Music Fanatic, Humanitarian, Internationally Minded bio from Twitter

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Ryan Watson

Hey, I'm w0ts0n - Computer Jedi, Mozillian, Tech, sys admin type thing bio from Twitter

Peter O'Neill

Certified Web Analyst. Founder & Lead Consultant at L3 Analytics. Highly experienced with Google Analytics and Omniture SiteCatalyst. Likes helping people. bio from Twitter

Sean Clark

Helping startups leverage Social & Search. A passionate Web Geek & Chess fan, blogging about Social Media, SEO, Wordpress, & the iPad. bio from Twitter

Tiffany Mitchell

I love colour - I am Caribbean; I am a rare hybrid. I am a multi-layered, richly-textured creature + Some people think I'm a Mobile Geek bio from Twitter

Aleksandr Milewski

Photographer, Gearhead, Technology Utility Infielder bio from Twitter

Andy Bennett

Databases, libraries, operating systems, kernels & algorithms: these are the things I love. Founder @knodium. Forwards Engineer; Reverse Engineer. bio from Twitter

Maarten Jacobs

Web Developer → Zend Certified Engineer → Powwownow. Full-time cynic. bio from Twitter

Andy Leigh

Datamancer. bio from Twitter

Irina Bolychevsky

Maker. Thinker. Product person. @redecentralize founder. Ex @okfn & @ckanproject lead. I love technology, ideas and figuring out how things can be better. bio from Twitter

Laurian Gridinoc

Creative Technologist ※ Knight-Mozilla OpenNews Fellow ※ Visual analytics × Semantic Web × Computational Linguistics bio from Twitter

Cristiano Betta

Developer Experience Expert

Jason Grant

Product, service & UX designer, conference speaker, lean start-up & UX mentor, dad, innovator, musician, CEO, business consultant & cyclist. @awardio founder. bio from Twitter

Jesse Montano

Digital/Social Marketing Lead @nobox & Contributor to #mozilla.Mantra: ABD (Always Be Dogfooding)

Dougal Matthews

Pythonista. Skier. Husband. Occasional speaker. @pythonglasgow organiser. OpenStack hacker at Red Hat. bio from Twitter

Tina Clark

I'm a Scuba Diving/Motorbike Riding non grown up, who just happens to be a grandma. Transplanted northerner. Head of Social for Moonlight Media bio from Twitter

Dave Nattriss

Freelance web dev/digital consultant/event tech, @MusicalComedyGd founder, ex-org of @PHPLondon/@SocDevLon, loves tech, culture & London. @Twitter ID: 13,550 bio from Twitter

Farhan Rehman

Online Marketing Strategist, specialising in Social Media, interested in all things engagement, and strategy. Enjoy Creating Order out of Chaos. bio from Twitter

Tom Scott

I make things. bio from Twitter

Shaun McDonald

Developer working for ITO World, lives in Ipswich, sometimes visits London. Also cycle and maps for OpenStreetMap

Kevin S Prince

DevOps and SRE mostly. also events organiser. bio from Twitter

Melinda Seckington

Blogger at http://MissGeeky.com. Geeks of London and BarCamp London Organizer. Developer at FutureLearn. Loves movies, TV shows, books and games.

Ruth John

UX, design, code... Writing, talking, mentoring... Unicorn Trainer | Fox Herder | TheLab Worker | Crocheter [my tweets are my own]

Ivan De Marino

I love, I cycle, I code, I blog, I cook, I brag and I tweet. In random order. Opinions are my own and not of my employer. bio from Twitter

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Christian Heilmann

Londoner, German, European. Developer Evangelist - all things open web, writing and helping. Works at Microsoft on Edge, opinions totally my own. #nofilter bio from Twitter

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