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Steven Flower

I just get on with it | worktime: @opendatacoop | sparetime: @mcrcoderdojo @salfordladsclub | Tweets are mine. Retweets are not | I'm not a florist bio from Twitter

Zoe Elise Breen

Producer, BBC WebWise. Supporting Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 11th February 2014. Views mine or pinched from others, not those of my employer.

Kevin Moore

ICT & Media Studies teacher based in the South Lakes. Advocate of exciting, engaging and innovative ICT in the classroom. Design, typography and music lover. bio from Twitter

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Geoffrey Cann

Worked in FE for 15 years teaching ICT and Computing. Now doing the degree I never got round to before. bio from Twitter


Manchester Girl Geeks is a non-profit group which organises networking events & workshops for women with an interest in Science & Technology. RT != endorsement. bio from Twitter


Long time software engineer, Python, C++ & embedded engineer. Welcome new followers😀 but private for reasons. bio from Twitter

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Michelle H

Specialist College Officer , Creator of iPhone apps for schools, Youth Work Volunteer, Driving Instructor, Mum of two and Wife...oh what a busy life I lead. bio from Twitter

James Milligan

Owner/Cameraman at Milligan.TV (@MilliganTV), a media production company based in Preston. Associate Member and Social Media Officer of the GTC (@GTC_TV). bio from Twitter

Gareth Redfern

Freelance web developer, community gent for @statamic CMS & thinker behind @pr_creatives.

Lalita D'Cruze

I came here to stalk you. bio from Twitter

Daniel Stucke

Assistant Headteacher at Stretford High School, Manchester, UK bio from Twitter

Theresa Russell

Secondary ICT School Teacher, loves gadgets,technology, loving computing too, has some great classes this year who are just willing to have a go at anything!

Colette Weston

The most interesting people I know, still don't know what they want to do.... Speak geek - am nice. Mum & Partner. Work F/T & study P/T. bio from Twitter

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Steven Johnston
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Lee Stott

Microsoft Evangelist. Responsible for Faculty Connection. Simple goal of making STEM-D curriculum interesting, exciting and modern. http://bit.ly/s7CJz0


I run the web site www.arduino-mega.com. My web site aggregates screen-casts from YouTube into categories useful for Arduino users and easy to search. bio from Twitter

Haroon Khalique

Independent e-Learning Consultant, IT Trainer, Computing Teacher, Schools Liaison Officer (BCS Manchester Branch)

Paul Freeman

Married to @Tanya_red2014 Product Engineer at @Yozu_uk Blogging about Automation at http://minimum-viable-automation.com bio from Twitter

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Ross Dalziel

Artist in Liverpool learning code, arduino and other tech stuff. Soundart, wiimotehacks, blogging, car-boots, lasercut cardboard

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Sculptor of open source hardware and software & third line support for others doing the same. bio from Twitter

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Paul Robinson

CTO at Stratajet where we use code to make business jets fly. Sort of.

Brian Cullen

ICT teacher working in secondary school in Harrogate interested in educational tech and introducing programming to pupils. bio from Twitter

Ruth Heritage

making stuff and making stuff happen, trying not to swear. also found as myself on insta, here as @theyeatculture, & new home http://www.theppl.co.uk bio from Twitter

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Proactive Paul

Speaker, author, accountant and paperless expert. Owner of Proactive. Being paperless makes things easier, quicker and cheaper!

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Dan Hardiker

Agile Thinker, Do-er, Enabler, Conference & Social Event Organiser, CTO of Adaptavist. Get invested in what you do. Views are my own. bio from Twitter

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Andy Piper

Twitter | Open Source | Community | LEGO

Antony Bailey

DevOps and Security Consultant who does a spot of acting. Wickr: parttimelegend bio from Twitter

Jon Chamberlain

Geek, open source and digital storytelling advocate; sometime trainer, Sinclair Spectrum aficionado; video film-maker and book illustrator. bio from Twitter

John Bevan

Now, I'm not an expert but... Work at @mozilla / Do @g00dfornothing / Bletchley Park / Degner & Kaaden / Human embodiment of Chinese Military Shovel

Monica Tailor

Digital Account Director at McCann Manchester. Co-founder of Leeds Social Media Surgeries. Live in the Peak District. Views expressed are my own. bio from Twitter

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