"Hack To The Future" schedule

Saturday 11th February 2012


  • Creating iPhone and Android Apps

    by Michelle H

  • GRAPHICS R LAME: Create text adventure games. Sell them as apps. Make Money.

    A 1 hour session where you will:
    - be introduced to - play - become addicted to - see how to create - look at the app market for
    text adventure games

    Coverage write-up

  • How 3d Printing and Virtual worlds will change the world (and how tech got on Cool Stuff Collective on ITV)

    Multiple sessions :
    Showing some of the tech I presented on the 3 series of The Cool Stuff Collective on ITV as Super G33k.
    Showing the blurring of digital and physical that games technology brings, how people can design and simply digitally distribute ideas in virtual worlds and how those ideas, products, experiences get made physical again with 3d printing.
    A version of the slides (minus the TV video) is on a previous conference post http://www.feedingedge.co.uk/blo...
    Each of the future tech episodes has it own blog post http://www.feedingedge.co.uk/blo... covering cloud computing, kinect hacking, 3d scanning, graphene,arduino, open source, opensim, telepresence etc.
    All aimed at getting the audience of the show interested in tech that may seem far off in the future but is here already.
    Live demos of http:/www.opensimulator.org the open source free to use virtual world server platform

  • How Computers Work - The Language of Computers

    by Geoffrey Cann

    In this session we briefly discussed the basic model of a computer system before going on to gain an understanding of binary and how we use this number system to represent what the computer is doing by learning to count like a computer and transmit letters and words.

    This is an interactive session based on the 2006 Un-Plugged series of videos and resources.

    Coverage slide deck

  • Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer Hands On building a gadget workshop

    Dr Steven Johnston from Microsoft Research and Lee Stott from Microsoft's Developer Platform and Evangelism group. Will be presenting a workshop on Microsoft .NET Gadgeteer. http://www.netmf.com/gadgeteer/

    .NET Gadgeteer is an open-source platform for building and refining prototype electronic devices quickly and easily. So if you like computer gadgets? Would you like to learn how to build and program gadgets to your own design? Then this workshop is for you!

    The platform is built on the .NET Micro Framework, which allows small devices to be programmed in the C# language and make use of Visual Studio’s programming and debugging tools. This powerful combination allows fully functional devices to be prototyped in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks.The workshop session will focus on the building of digital camera.

  • Wernce appen uh tahm

    By Proactive Paul and the team . . .

    It's a story game for people with "rully berd Frunch aksonts"!

    It's an adaptation of a Radio 4 panel game for two teams of approx 3 people each. Any size audience will be fine.

    We're going to do it for real, no experience needed. Bad French accent optional. Truly insignificant prizes will be awarded for the funniest comment, the worst French accent, the most enthusiastic player, and anything else we can think of!

    Open discussion follows - how can we turn this into a computer game?

    (It's all about using databases)