Sessions at Hadoop Summit 2012 about Integration on Wednesday 13th June

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  • Tackling Big Data with Hadoop and Open Source Integration

    by Fabrice Bonan

    Enterprises are faced with ever increasing amounts of data, and problems related to volume and usage demands have forced IT managers and developers to seek out new solutions. Fortunately, this has resulted in an explosion of innovation in massively parallel processing and non-relational data storage. Apache Hadoop, an open source software platform, has quickly become the technology of choice for large organizations in need of sophisticated analysis and transformation of petabytes of structured and complex data. Fabrice Bonan will discuss how users can access, manipulate and store huge volumes of data in Hadoop and benefit from high-performance, cost-optimized data integration with ultimate scalability. During this session, attendees will learn how to:
    - Leverage the explosive growth of data
    - Deploy and tap into the powerful architecture of Hadoop
    - Process massive data volumes through a combination of Hadoop and open source architecture

    At 10:30am to 11:10am, Wednesday 13th June

  • Blueprint for Integrating Big Data Analytics and BI

    by Abe Taha

    Hadoop is fast becoming an integral part of BI infrastructures to empower everyone in the business to affordably analyze large amounts of multi-structured data not previously possible with traditional OLAP or RDBMS technologies. This session will cover best practices for implementing Big Data Analytics directly on Hadoop. Topics will include architecture, integration and data exchange; self-service data exploration and analysis; openness and extensibility; the roles of Hive and the Hive metastore; integration with BI dashboards, reporting and visualization tools; using existing SAS and SPSS models and advanced analytics; ingesting data with Sqoop, Flume, and ETL.

    At 2:25pm to 3:05pm, Wednesday 13th June