Sessions at HCID Open Day 2012 on Thursday 12th April

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  • Sketching Interfaces, Jason Mesut & Sam Smith

    by Jason Mesut

    Sketch more, sketch better: Exploring, ideating & collaborating on paper

    Monitoring the buzz on Twitter, across UX design blogs and at many of the recent conferences, it's safe to say that the lack of ‘on paper’ sketching skills in the digital community is something that has touched a nerve.
    With such a lot of rhetoric around collaboration and downsizing mammoth deliverables, sketching is considered by many to be a fundamental and necessary design skill.
    We will break the 'art' of sketching down to a set of basic techniques and take a brief look at the drivers for sketching on paper and the fundamental differences between old school sketching and using digital tools or ‘sketching in code’.

    Jason Mesut - Head of User Experience, RMA Consulting

    Jason is Head of User Experience at RMA Consulting, a design-driven organisation that focuses on delivering rich, engaging and effective solutions for users to interact with ‘Day-In, Day-Out’. Over the past 12 years, Jason has had experience working with a range of organisations including: PA Consulting, Yell.com, Flow Interactive, Oyster/Framfab/LBi and The Team. This has seen him working among some of the best people in the UK User Experience industry, and with some of the trickiest of clients and team members imaginable.

    Sam Smith - Senior Interaction Designer, RMA Consulting

    Sam is a Senior Interaction Designer within the UX Design team at RMA Consulting, working on complex applications for clients as diverse as investment banks, wind farm energy suppliers and healthcare trusts. Prior to working with RMA Sam has spent the last 10 years working in design/UX roles, at agencies (including The Team, Freestyle Interactive and Digitas) and client-side (Rightmove.co.uk and The University of Birmingham). When he’s not filling sketchbooks with ideas, he’s up to his elbows in clay (sculpting).

    At 5:10pm to 5:50pm, Thursday 12th April

  • Wireframing for the Responsive Web

    by Alexander Baxevanis

    On Thursday 12th April

    Coverage slide deck