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Timo Westkämper

Java coder, Ubuntu user & DSP newbie bio from Twitter

Kalle Bertell

Software Stuff. Ook. bio from Twitter

Hannu Leinonen

Independent software developer bio from Twitter


rue. I talk about programming, not-programming, and cycling. Usually. #ruby for nearly many * lots years now, other stuff a little longer. APIs, hypermedia… bio from Twitter

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Jarno Rantanen

Geek, CS student, web developer at @futurice, mitänäitänyton. In love with (mobile) frontend since a few years ago. I'm on a horse. bio from Twitter

Duane Atkins

Co-Founder of Kampiki Solutions. I speak Swedish to some extent which annoys my Finnish friends immensely. bio from Twitter

Jerry Jalava

Entrepreneuer, Founder of Infigo Finland, Co-Founder of @glomeinc, CTO of @KickUpTweet, @gklst Ambassador to Finland bio from Twitter

Anton Rissanen

Entrepreneur. Making cities work better with great software. Working on @korjaus_app bio from Twitter

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Raimo Tuisku

Integration Specialist and Game Developer

Timo Herttua

Product Manager, New Services at @RovioHQ. bio from Twitter

Lauri Svan

I build bridges between people and software at http://specsign.com. bio from Twitter

TruongSinh Tran-N.

Senior Developer at Smarp bio from LinkedIn


a European who is living in Finland & occasionally attempting to make technology "do stuff"(TM).

Vesa Marttila

Football+futsal player+coach, developer at @Mysema, university student. Currently really into Clojure. bio from Twitter

Miikka Koskinen

Dealing with the abstract. Espousing avant-garde. Widely known as an excellent humorist. bio from Twitter

Otto Hilska

8+ years of software entrepreneurship, agile methods, huge Ruby on Rails projects, real-time web and highly scalable architectures. Now CEO at Flowdock. bio from Twitter

Krister Kari

Web developer/designer. Building the web at @RovioHQ bio from Twitter

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Monthly #javascript meetups in Helsinki, organized by @olegpodsechin & @therttua. bio from Twitter

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Oleg Podsechin

Founder of StartHQ, also do due diligence for investors.

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