Hide&Seek Weekender Conference

Illuminating the latest and best thinking around the subject of public play.

17 September 2012 from 9am to 4:45pm

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Hide&Seek brings you a conference day intended to illuminate the latest and best thinking around the subject of public play. You can buy tickets for the conference right now.

Games are entering the cultural mainstream and becoming part of our civic life, creating a set of challenges and opportunities for professionals tasked with managing public spaces. Through a series of talks from leading thinkers and practitioners, showcases from artists, producers and technology companies, and tailored networking sessions, the Playing in Public Conference creates an environment where new ideas for the future of play in public space can flourish.

27 speakers

  • Jaime Woo @jaimewoo Jaime Woo is a Canadian writer, filmmaker, game designer, and community organiser.
  • Kars Alfrink @kaeru Kars Alfrink is the director of Hubbub, a networked design studio for applied pervasive games.
  • Laura Kriefman @elfkay The choreographer of Guerilla Dance Project, an innovative dance company exploring our social interactions with everyday objects
  • Clare Reddington @clarered Clare Reddington is the director of Pervasive Media Studio.
  • Kate Kneale @KnealeK Kate Kneale is the director of Marine Studios, a Community Interest Company based in Margate.
  • Jason Anthony Jason Anthony is a writer/editor/designer based in NYC. He makes weird games in weird places.
  • Shan Maclennan Shan Maclennan is Creative Director, Learning and Participation at the Southbank Centre.
  • Jérôme Delormas Jérôme Delormas was made Managing Director of la Gaîté lyrique in December 2007.
  • Joshua DeBonis @joshdebonis Joshua DeBonis is a game designer, programmer, and musician. He runs a small indie game studio called Sortasoft LLC.
  • Bennett Foddy @bfod Bennett is a philosopher by day, and games designer by night.
  • Pollie Barden Pollie is a game designer, interactive artist and technophile, who has exhibited and run her work all over the globe.
  • Dermot McPartland Head of Experience at Mother Dermot heads up Mother’s non-traditional advertising & live-based work.
  • Chloe Varelidi @varelidi Chloe is the co-founder of AthensPlaython. She loves designing urban games, mobile games, online games and learning games.
  • Mark Earls @herdmeister Mark is a recovering advertising and marketing professional.
  • Viviane Schwarz @vivschwarz Viviane Schwarz is a children's book author and illustrator, and also makes up games for and with Firehazard Games.
  • Heather Kelley @PerfectPlum Heather Kelley is an award-winning media artist, curator, and game designer.
  • Rosie Fairchild @rosiepoes Director of Splash & Ripple, ‘Purveyors of Fine Experiences’.
  • charles beckett @charlesbeckett Charles Beckett is Senior Officer, Digital Development at Arts Council England.
  • Shonagh Manson @shonaghm Shonagh joined the Jerwood Charitable Foundation as Director in April 2009.
  • john newbigin @newbijohn John Newbigin is Chair of Creative England, and was previously Chair of the RSA network Screen England.
  • Hannah Nicklin @hannahnicklin Hannah is an East Midlands based theatre artist,interested in the digital world and eco/feminist/political activism.
  • Ricky Haggett @KommanderKlobb Indie game designer, coder, co-founder of Honeyslug.
  • Nikita Mikros @nmikros Nik has been a professional programmer since 1994 and a game designer since 1997.
  • pat kane @theplayethic Pat Kane is a musician, writer, consultant, play theorist and activist. He is the author of "The Play Ethic: A Manifesto for a D

15 sessions

Queen Elizabeth Hall

England England / London

Southbank Centre, Belvedere Rd, London, SE1 8XX

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30 known attendees

  • Jaime Woo
  • karl
  • Kate Kneale
  • Hadley Beeman
  • Kars Alfrink
  • Laura Kriefman
  • Clare Reddington
  • Sharna Jackson
  • Jérôme Delormas
  • Joshua DeBonis
  • Bennett
  • Pollie Barden
  • Dermot McPartland
  • Chloe Varelidi
  • Mark Earls
  • Viviane Schwarz
  • Heather Kelley
  • Rosie Fairchild
  • charles beckett
  • Shonagh Manson
  • john newbigin
  • Hannah Nicklin
  • Ricky Haggett
  • Nikita Mikros
  • pat kane
  • 815 Agency
  • Hide&Seek
  • whykay
  • Kerry Turner
  • leanne bayley

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