Sessions at IA Summit 2012 about Customer Experience

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Friday 23rd March 2012

  • Orchestrate against atomism

    by Patrick T Quattlebaum

    Brands large and small are placing increased importance on delivering a seamless, cross-channel customer experience. But most corporations struggle to define and communicate internally one vision for the experience and to coordinate design and implementation activities across the organization to realize that vision. The result: a customer experience that is the sum of its disjointed parts rather than a meaningful whole.

    In this talk, I will explore this phenomenon and share the following:

    • An overview of common organizational and cultural dynamics that make holistic customer experience design challenging
    • The importance of building relationships inside of the enterprise to create seamless, cross-channel customer experiences
    • Methods from or inspired by service design, film production, gamestorming, and consulting that I have experimented with (successfully and unsuccessfully) to orchestrate cross-functional teams
    • A challenge to architects and designers to facilitate cross-functional collaboration and integrated planning.

    At 1:45pm to 2:30pm, Friday 23rd March

    In Empire III, Hyatt Regency New Orleans

    Coverage slide deck