Institute of Design Strategy Conference 2012

New languages for interactive communication

The well-known pattern of a new medium copying the conventions of an older medium is repeating itself. Just as the early phase of photography copied the structure of painting, movies copied theatre, and TV copied vaudeville, eBooks and iMovies are now mimicking the structure and other conventions of paper books and cinema. Just as before, it will take awhile for these media to develop their own language and genre.

16 speakers

  • Jamshyd N. Godrej
  • Steve Smith
  • Jeff Semenchuk
  • Arlene Harris
  • Denis Weil

7 known attendees

  • Anijo Mathew
  • Vincent L Michael
  • Sam Pitroda
  • Skip Walter
  • Martin Cooper
  • pamela mead
  • David Vaskevitch

2 people tracking this event

  • Media Futures
  • Nico Macdonald

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