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Wednesday 1st February 2012

  • Visual Thinking Through Sketchnotes

    by MJ Broadbent and Eva-Lotta Lamm

    Sketchnotes, also known as Visual Notes and closely related to a practice called Graphic Recording, have recently exploded in popularity – for good reason. Humans are visual thinkers from birth so it’s only natural that we are attracted to visual explanations, particularly given the power they have to help solve problems, explore opportunities, and aid in understanding complexity. Sketchnotes – frequently created during lectures or conferences – are a technique used to capture concepts in real time with hand-drawn images, words and diagrams.

    Join us for a very special hands-on session to practice your Sketchnoting skills and then put them to use during Interaction12!

    This fast-paced workshop will start with a quick overview of key concepts and then move rapidly through a series of hands-on exercises interspersed with live demonstration, group reviews, and practical critique. This will be a fun and informative session that will equip you with a deeper understanding of how to memorably capture what you hear and see using visual skills.

    Topics covered include:

    Tools, attributes, and elements of sketchnotes
    Principles of composition
    How to listen while drawing (synthesizing versus transcribing)
    Strategies for translating words into images
    Resources and practice opportunities for future success
    All skill levels are welcome however you’ll get the greatest benefit if you already have rudimentary drawing skills (e.g., stick figures, boxes, arrows, etc.) and even if you tell yourself “I can’t draw” as most people do.

    Materials will be provided. Favorite sketchbooks, pen(s), and/or iPads with sketching apps are also welcome.

    At 9:00am to 12:30pm, Wednesday 1st February

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