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Thursday 2nd February 2012

  • I Hate Process. I Love Process. Why designers are divided about process and what to do about it

    by Christina Persson and Joan Vermette

    As a designer, have you ever felt frustrated by having to break the creative process up into tiny task boxes that block the way to good design?

    Have you ever felt frustrated by a lack of structure, leading to endless rework, crossed communication lines, and plain old wasted time?

    There's too much process in some cultures, and not enough in others. And we declare that we hate process or we love process, as though that were an immutable quality of our souls.

    But what do designers need?

    We believe in a core, necessary way of sequencing design work to get the best results. Borrowing from Design Sojourn’s Brian Ling, we express this core as “Think – Draw – Make.” When process chafes us as designers, it’s a sign that an organization is unbalanced in one of these three key activities. If they frontload a project with tons of research and still can’t make a decision, they’re caught in “think.” If they ask us to come to the kickoff with wireframes, they’re caught in “draw.” If they’re hell-bent on getting to build immediately, they’re caught in “make.”Similarly, we’re not blank slates, either – each of us brings our particular skills to a project, and we have our own attachments, as well.

    Our presentation will discuss how to know which culture you’re dealing with, where you sit with regard to that culture, and provide some skills for how to bring yourself and the culture together back into balance.

    At 11:30am to 12:15pm, Thursday 2nd February

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Saturday 4th February 2012

  • Demystifying Design: Fewer Secrets, Bigger Impacts

    by Jeff Gothelf

    Even today, Design is too often perceived as a tactic to simply “make things user-friendly.” To combat that oversimplification, designers often shroud their work in a mysterious cloud of specialized tools and jargon. This mystery gives designers (of every sort – visual, UX, interaction, et al) a false perception of value, uniqueness and control over their process and work. In actuality, this self-imposed mystery drives divisions between designers and their teams. Designers need to stop looking at their work in terms of “trade secrets” and start opening up about their process. Through this transparency, the cloud lifts and the true value of Design becomes clear while designers are revealed to be the indispensable product people they truly are.

    In this session you will learn:

    Why self-imposed Design mystery makes life as a designer harder
    How revealing your design secrets leads to more productive, highly collaborative teams
    How transparency makes you more valuable to your organization
    How to (finally) convince your colleagues that designers are not just pixel people, but product people
    5 tactics for you to immediately begin demystifying Design and increasing your value

    At 2:40pm to 3:25pm, Saturday 4th February

    In Liffey B, The Convention Centre Dublin CCD

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