Sessions at Interaction12 about design concepts and 3D sketching on Wednesday 1st February

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  • Sketching Interfaces

    by Sam Smith and Jason Mesut

    Sketching is a core skill of any designer, but everyone can always learn to sketch quicker, clearer and more impressively in front of their peers, colleagues and clients.

    This sketching workshop will be heavily focused on fast-paced and fun practical activities with a smattering of theory. Key activities will likely include:

    Knowing your materials and your tools – from pens and pencils through to different paper and sketchbooks, we will share our experience of what you should bear in mind before you get down to the doodling
    Warming up – getting comfortable with your tools and getting into the headspace for better sketching
    Sketching concepts – communicating abstract concepts to others
    Sketching quickly – tips and activities for sketching quicker but still getting across your ideas
    Sketching choreography – how to communicate the dance of the user interface you are designing (e.g states and transitions)
    Sketching 3D products – how to sketch basic 3D shapes
    Annotating sketches for others – helping them to understand your scribbles
    Collaborative sketching – how to sketch effectively with others
    Different sketch styles – learning from others’ different styles of sketching
    Packaging up sketches for presentations and deliverables – how to package up your sketch work for others to review
    Running a sketchbook – tips for running your own sketchbook and improving your practice every day

    By the end of the workshop, people will have learned some different techniques for sketching, seen a range of different sketching styles and be equipped with greater confidence to sketch in front of others.

    At 1:30pm to 4:30pm, Wednesday 1st February