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  • Does size matter?

    by Michal Levin

    Remember the days when there was just a PC? – A single form factor to consider when designing an application or web site. It was landscape format, mouse-interaction based, and with relatively high resolution.

    Well, times have dramatically changed since then… Today, there are numerous desktop and mobile devices out there – in different shapes, sizes, technologies, resolutions, input methods, features, and more.

    These also represent a variety of users, interaction models, behaviors, use cases, contexts, needs, goals, environments, etc.

    So how do you design for all of these different devices? And even more interestingly – How do you design for multiple devices which are all part of a product ecosystem?

    This presentation (with the help of Seinfeld and some Friends), will discuss the unique challenges interaction designers face when designing for an ecosystem of devices. It will present the unique considerations and complexities to take into account, and try to pave the way towards finding the right, delicate balance between consistency across the ecosystem and optimized UX per device.

    At 11:30am to 12:15pm, Thursday 2nd February

    In Liffey 2, The Convention Centre Dublin CCD