Sessions at Interaction12 about Story in The Convention Centre Dublin CCD

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Saturday 4th February 2012

  • Aristotle's Storytelling Framework for the web

    by Jeroen van Geel

    Storytelling is a very powerful way of bringing a message across. When done right it’s a way of engaging the audience and guiding them into the world you create. And it’s this powerful thing that’s been used in the creation of books, movies, music and theatre. But now it’s time to turn this knowledge into something we as designers can use to create engaging websites.

    In this talk I want to step-by-step take people through a framework I created (http://johnnyholland.org/2011/01...) that will help designers to create a website that tells the best story and engages in the correct way with it’s users. The core message is that you need to build up a story in the right way in order to create more solid websites and to enable a real understanding of what’s the core of the product your design. (e.g. when you have a good understanding of the plot & character you are able to apply many different themes)Going through each step of the framework I will relate this to a movie and bring in examples from the web. When giving examples I will emphasize the importance of building up by showing the dangers of doing it the other way around (a lot of designers like starting with cool features or the graphic design, but the danger is that there is a big disconnect with the core message of the product and/or the audience). I will conclude by showing the entire framework.

    At 11:50am to 12:35pm, Saturday 4th February

    In Liffey 1, The Convention Centre Dublin CCD

  • UX and the Human Spirit: Three Stories of Connection

    by Elizabeth Buie

    The human spirit is the part of us that feels a sense of deep connection with something larger than ourselves — whether it be nature, a deity or other being, a group of people, a cause, or the Universe. Our use of technology may foster such a sense of connection — or work to its detriment. I will tell three stories from my own experience, two as a user of technology and one as a professional doing UX work. I will invite the audience to share their own stories with me afterwards.

    UX is work of the human spirit.

    At 1:55pm to 2:05pm, Saturday 4th February

    In Liffey 1, The Convention Centre Dublin CCD

    Coverage video

  • Telling the Data Comparison Story Using A Skyline Graph (Instead of Two Pies)

    by Bill Caemmerer

    Just like every picture, every graph tells a story, or it should. Frequently the story we want to tell is a comparison to the past or to our plans, a “what happened” story. Do we have the best tools to tell this story visually, in graphs? In this presentation, we'll look at the common strategies like pies, bars, thermometers and heat maps, and how well they tell us “what happened.

    At 2:25pm to 2:35pm, Saturday 4th February

    In Liffey 1, The Convention Centre Dublin CCD