Internetdagarna 2012

Most important Internet-event in Sweden

22 24 October 2012

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The Internet Days conference is Sweden’s most important Internet event and 2012 marks its thirteenth consecutive year.

At the event, advocates of technology services and media companies meet representatives for issues concerning use and policies. The public sector meets the private sector. Entrepreneurs become acquainted with researchers and decision-makers listen to developers. At the Internet Days, you will find individuals who shape and develop the Internet today and in the future. During the conference, you can listen to and be inspired by more than a hundred speakers over the course of some 40 seminars, debates and specialized workshops.

The main topics are technology, security, society and media, within which a vast number of topical themes are addressed, including DNS, IPv6, social media, policy, network neutrality, web design, certificates, new top-level domains, copyright law, digital source protections, digital inclusion, open data, Internet crime, cyber warfare, cloud services, the right to be forgotten and much, much more.

175 speakers

Coverage of Internetdagarna 2012

40 sessions

Internetdagarna Forum Day 1 from 9am to 10pm Monday 22nd October 2012

Main conference day 1 Day 2 from 9am to 11pm Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Main conference day 2 Day 3 from 9am to 4:20pm Wednesday 24th October 2012

128 known attendees

  • Andreas Ehn
  • Codeness
  • Morten Nielsen
  • Robert Nyman
  • Jessica Bäck
  • Martin Källström
  • :P
  • Daniel Dietrich
  • Erik Bernskiold
  • Lessig
  • Johan Edlund
  • Edgeryders Sweden
  • Susanna Zeko
  • Andreas Krohn
  • Lennart Bonnevier
  • Maria Ziv
  • Joakim Jardenberg
  • Björn Falkevik
  • Patrik Fältström
  • Anne-Marie
  • Janne Elvelid
  • Jillian C. York
  • Erik Fichtelius
  • Isaac Keyet
  • Eva Fadeel
  • Andreas Ek
  • Sammy Nordström
  • Jimmy Rosén
  • Erik Pettersson
  • Nikke Lindqvist
  • Christoffer Larsson
  • Jonas Nordström
  • Jonas Lejon
  • Kristian Erendi
  • Henrik Löwenhamn
  • JesperBylund
  • TDH
  • Ylva Pettersson
  • Carl Heath
  • Isabella Löwengrip

28 people tracking this event

  • Ozan Safi
  • Anders Fredriksson
  • Steve Werme
  • Ulrika Schreil
  • Søren Lund
  • Maria Nilsson
  • Phillipi Labanca
  • Tommie Nordholm
  • James Royal-Lawson
  • Daniel Chow
  • Fredrik Harloff
  • Jon Arne S.
  • Dimitrij Aleshkov
  •  Hanna
  • Freespee
  • Sven Guckes
  • Jacob
  • Anton Troedson
  • fredrick Doku
  • Johan Høgåsen-Hallesby
  • Rohan Jayasekera
  • Oleg Podsechin
  • Pelle Sten
  • Christine Sahlström
  • Ola Andersson
  • Anders M. Andersen
  • Johnnie Jiao Jianli
  • Peter Rosdahl

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