Sessions at JaxConf 2012 about Spring on Tuesday 10th July

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  • MVC on the server and on the client: how to integrate Spring MVC and Backbone.js

    by Sebastiano Armeli

    MVC on the server and on the client: how to integrate Spring MVC and Backbone.js
    Speaker: Sebastiano Armeli-Battana -

    MVC is a well-known pattern used to reduce complexity and to increase reusability of your code, widely adopted in server-side languages. Spring MVC is an example of a really powerful framework that adopts this pattern extensively allowing you to create easily RESTful web services. MVC can also be applied to the client now and this approach really suits AJAX applications and single page applications. Backbone.js is one of the frameworks available to enforce this pattern. In this session we will explore how well you can integrate Spring MVC and Backbone.js in a really performant and neat single page application. Focus will be put on how Backbone.js can consume RESTful web services.

    At 8:45am to 9:45am, Tuesday 10th July

    Coverage slide deck

  • The Art of Metaprogramming in Java

    by Abdelmonaim Remani

    Metaprogramming is the dirty little secret behind the success of many Java frameworks such as Spring and Struts2, and forms the backbone of many of the most fundamental APIs across the JEE technology stack. This session aims to introduce the topic and highlight, with code examples, the different mechanisms and techniques to take advantage of this underused feature of the Java Programming Language. This session will adopt a learn-by-example approach that combines the philosophy and theory behind metaprogramming with concrete code examples. The audience will be taken through real-life scenarios to highlight the benefits of this technique such as minimizing the number of lines of code, reduced development time, and greater flexibility. Design patterns and best practices will be picked up along the way. No previous knowledge or exposure to the topic is required, but an intermediate understanding of Java SE is expected.

    At 8:45am to 9:45am, Tuesday 10th July

  • Business Intelligence with Spring and BIRT

    by jason weathersby and Joshua Long

    Eclipse’s Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) project is an open-source project based on the popular Eclipse IDE. In this talk, BIRT Evangelist Jason Weathersby and Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long introduce BIRT and a Spring integration library to make it easy for Spring beans and applications to consume, and participate in, BIRT reports. The talk introduces integrating the BIRT engine in Spring MVC, accessing Spring beans from the BIRT Viewer and using Spring Remoting to access Spring Beans from a BIRT report.

    At 10:00am to 11:00am, Tuesday 10th July