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Wednesday 9th May 2012

  • Keynote - The future of the future: 'caring' as a core business model

    by Michael Peter Edson

    We live in a time of ceaseless and unrelenting change. This sentiment, repeated thousands of times in business books, blog posts, and board rooms over the last 20 years, is practically an article of faith. But believing that the world is changing—and knowing what to do about it as a web strategist—are two different things. What will the deep future look like? What impact will 20, 30, or 50 years of continuous disruptive change have on our businesses, civic institutions, and professions? How should our organizations move today to ensure that we’re ready for the future when it arrives? What efforts will endure?

    In this provocative presentation, Michael Edson, the Smithsonian Institution’s Director of Web and New Media Strategy, will challenge us to think harder about the future and what it implies for day-to-day planning and execution within organizations. Edson will explore the changing landscape of web strategy, the unexplored potential of mainstream tools and services, and why sharing and caring should be cultivated as core business practices.

    At 9:15am to 10:00am, Wednesday 9th May

  • Social Mediating: Why Integrate Social Media Into Everyday Work?

    by Neal Stimler

    This interactive roundtable discussion is inspired by the THATCamp General Discussion format. Participants arrive to the session with questions, suggestions and are ready to use a variety of social media to tools to drive, document and share the discussion online in real time.

    The focus of this roundtable will be to explore ways in which staff might incorporate uses of social media into the everyday work experience. The following questions will be addressed:
    1. What are appropriate use cases for social media in everyday work?
    2. What social media tools do you use to interact with colleagues, customers and execute daily work?
    3. How could you incorporate social media into the fabric of workflow processes?
    4. What policy barriers dissuade you from using social media in the workplace?
    5. How do you deal with rights issues?
    6. What is the benefit of using social media for your institution and your professional practice?

    In order to accelerate the conversation, each question will be discussed for 10 minute periods. All six questions will be addressed in the hour time slot. Participants will use Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Foursquare and links throughout the discussion to foster dialogue and create a body of archival content that will serve to record the findings of the session. Instagram images may be used via Flickr. Storify will be used by discussants after the roundtable to summarize and reflect upon the collaborative experience. All participants agree to share text, images and video under Creative Commons CC-BY licenses when applicable and to the terms of use of each of the social media tools. The public publishing of the roundtable’s findings via social media will aid others as they attempt to integrate the use of social media into everyday work.

    At 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Wednesday 9th May