Sessions at J. Boye about Web and Design and Social Media

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Thursday 10th May 2012

  • Fresh New Look: Web Design Trends 2012

    by Marianne

    Looking your best is about making an extra effort, adding a personal touch, creating a subtle detail that is fresh, stylish and fits naturally with who you are. It reflects your state of mind, frames your self-esteem and shows people around you that you care. It creates powerful and lasting first impressions, before you even look the other person in the eye.

    With websites, making a great first impression is crucial. Visitors will decide whether they like what they see within the first 50 milliseconds. And one in five will leave a website after 5 seconds, not giving you a second chance. It is therefore important to review your website regularly to ensure it looks polished, modern and fresh.

    In this session we will talk about web design trends that are set to dominate in 2012. We will see how these trends can be broken down into specific and discrete tasks, and how small evolutionary changes can make a big difference.

    We will discuss:
    Huge images, big headings, rich typography, larger icons
    Rich surfaces, gradients, shadows, sense of depth
    Fixed width, fluid feel
    Footer: no longer an afterthought
    Interactivity: carousels, subtle animations, overlays
    Fairness, ethical values, community, environment
    Social media

    This session will include an exercise, and will give ample opportunities for audience participation.

    See you on the day. Please make an effort to look your best – it’s worth it!

    At 11:15am to 12:00pm, Thursday 10th May