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Thursday 10th May 2012

  • The Future is in Delivery

    by Deane Barker

    Content management is becoming less about management, and more about delivery. The management of content is being trumped by the enhancement and promotion of content post-publish.

    This trend is pushing more and more power to marketing automation tools over traditional content management and publishing tools. More and more, vendors are leading demos with things like A/B testing and campaign management, and not even bothering to cover core concepts like content modeling and page editing.

    This session is discuss the key differences between content management and delivery, and the state of the marketing automation industry — where it came from, where it is now, and what’s the horizon for it.

    Finally, we’ll look at the management/delivery bifurcaton in the context of what it means for the CMS purchasing process. Will it be up-ended to the point where marketing automation tools lead and content management tools follow? Will buyers start their projects with the marketing suite and look to content management to support those tools? In this kind of marketplace, where does core content management fit in, and has it — or will it — become a commodity?

    At 1:00pm to 1:45pm, Thursday 10th May