Jenkins User Conference Paris schedule

Tuesday 17th April 2012

  • Keynote

    by Kohsuke Kawaguchi

    At 9:30am to 10:15am, Tuesday 17th April

  • How To Develop a Jenkins Plugin

    by Gregory Boissinot

    (Delivered in French)

    The number of plugins increases exponentially. This vast ecosystem of plugins enables Jenkins to cover a large number of needs. However, you are likely to create your own plugin to meet your specific needs or integrate your specific tools. I invite you to discover the Jenkins API to create your own plugin. This session will help you understand the prerequisites for the development of a Jenkins plugin.

    At 10:30am to 11:40am, Tuesday 17th April

  • Build Trust with Your Build to Development Flow with JenkinsCI!

    by Fred Simon

    This demo will show automation techniques integrating Maven and Gradle, with Jenkins. We will show a full release management flow, using configurable rules and Artifactory Binary Repository all the way to your YUM repository. Whether you are building software for the cloud or in-house, this demo will show you how to have completely automated production builds that release applications which are fully traceable, managed and ready to be provisioned with no fear!

    At 11:45am to 12:05pm, Tuesday 17th April

  • Utilization de Jenkins Chez Apache

    by olamy

    (Delivered in French)

    How Jenkins is used, administered, and difficulties of maintaining a body with many jobs/nodes.

    At 12:10pm to 12:20pm, Tuesday 17th April

  • Integrating PHP Projects With Jenkins

    by Sebastian Bergmann

    Attendees of this tutorial will learn how to implement continuous integration to automate processes for building and deploying regular releases of their PHP-based software. They will also learn how to use Jenkins to monitor and improve their applications through continuous inspection and static code analysis.

    At 5:00pm to 6:35pm, Tuesday 17th April