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Friday 10th February 2012

  • Pitfalls and Opportunities of Single-page Applications

    by Jörn Zaefferer

    The thick client is back! Pushing entire applications down to the client has become a lot more popular in recent times, and is especially interesting for mobile devices.

    However, building solid and polished single-page applications means that we need to replicate a lot of native browser behaviour. When we don’t, we’ll annoy or even scare away our users.

    This talk will cover both the pitfalls and opportunities of single-page applications, focusing on the native behaviour that your app needs to provide in order to behave like an actual web site, while fixing a lot of the usability issues that web sites usually have.

    For example, this covers dealing with proper URLs, without breaking back and forward buttons, using the still somewhat new HTML5 history API.

    We’ll look at both the existing frameworks that help implement this, and those still lacking.

    At 12:30pm to 1:00pm, Friday 10th February

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  • Embracing and celebrating redundancy

    by Christian Heilmann

    JavaScript was always the language to make the web more interactive and fill the gaps that browsers had when it comes to interaction with the user.

    With jQuery we moved even further and concentrated on that task, replacing the unwieldy native DOM with a simpler way to spice up our web sites. With browsers moving ahead it is time though to reflect and see just how much code we write that actually is not needed any longer as browsers give us native controls in HTML5.

    In this talk Chris Heilmann of Mozilla will show just in how many ways modern browsers make it easy for us to offer a rich experience without having to create that on our own. We'll look at UI elements, multimedia capabilities, drawing, animation and how to tie into our user's browsing and web behaviour without forcing a certain path on them.

    We have amazing technology to play with, we should use it and look ahead instead of patching for the past.

    At 2:15pm to 2:45pm, Friday 10th February

  • App development stack for JS developers

    by Paul Irish

    The challenge for webapp developers is scaling the experience to delight users, while simultaneously scaling the application code to provide speed, modularity, and power.

    All the while, the client side costs per kilobyte loom.

    In this talk, we dive into what comprises the modern webapp client side stack: tools, frameworks, and architecture patterns.

    At 3:35pm to 4:05pm, Friday 10th February

  • Building Large-scale Applications With JavaScript (and jQuery)

    by Addy Osmani

    Developers creating JavaScript applications these days usually use a combination of MVC, modules, widgets and plugins for their architecture. They also use a DOM manipulation library like jQuery.

    Whilst this works great for apps that are built at a smaller-scale, what happens when your project really starts to grow?

    In this talk, Addy presents an effective set of design patterns for large-scale JavaScript (and jQuery) application architecture that have previously been used at both AOL and Yahoo amongst others.

    You'll learn how to keep your application logic truly decoupled, build modules that can exist on their own or be dropped into other projects and future-proof your code in case you need to switch to a different DOM library in the future.

    At 4:05pm to 4:35pm, Friday 10th February