RaptorJS: A Modular JavaScript Toolset by eBay

A session at JS.everywhere(2012)

Friday 26th October, 2012

11:30am to 12:00pm (PST)

Do you work on complex JavaScript applications? How do you manage all of the JavaScript and CSS dependencies that arise, and how do you share and reuse code? Traditionally, developers must manually include all required resources in an HTML page when creating web applications and also ensure that they are properly ordered. Equally frustrating is the fact that when a dependency changes and the application is not updated accordingly, then the application will likely fail to function correctly. These resource includes can accumulate and over time it can become unclear which includes remain essential.

In this talk, we will share with you RaptorJS, a recently open sourced JavaScript toolset developed at eBay for creating modules and managing dependencies that facilitates the creation of modular, easily maintainable, and easily testable JavaScript applications. RaptorJS was designed to work with your existing JavaScript libraries—not replace them. What sets this toolset apart from others like it is that it allows for modules to be packaged and loaded differently based on the target environment. Now you can easily target specific code for different browsers and devices and the same module can be used in multiple JavaScript environments—including server-side JavaScript environments such as Node and Rhino. In addition, the RaptorJS optimizer will automatically bundle and minify your code for optimal delivery.

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Patrick Steele-Idem

Presentation Platform Engineer, eBay

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Time 11:30am12:00pm PST

Date Fri 26th October 2012


Crystal Room, Fairmont Hotel

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