Sessions at JUDCon Boston 2012 about Infinispan on Monday 25th June

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  • Optimized GlusterFS write-through caching for Infinispan

    by Vijay Bellur and Manik Surtani

    Infinispan can be configured with cache stores allowing it to store data in a persistent location such as a file system, JDBC etc. There are two different methods of updating the cache store - write-through/synchronous and write-behind/asynchronous. GlusterFS is a distributed, scale-out file system that can scale to petabytes of storage. This talk will explore the idea of how GlusterFS can be used as persistent write-through cache store for Infinispan. The talk will also detail optimizations that can be leveraged from both Infinispan and GlusterFS for optimal persistent caching.

    At 10:00am to 10:00am, Monday 25th June

  • Eventual Consistency in Infinispan

    by Manik Surtani

    Infinispan as a data grid has primarily been focused on strong consistency, giving up partition tolerance in exchange. However, moving forward, Infinispan plans to offer an eventually consistent model too, where users could configure Infinispan to weaken consistency in exchange for greater partition tolerance. This talk discusses some of the ideas around an eventually consistent mode for Infinispan.

    At 1:00pm to 1:00pm, Monday 25th June

  • Infinispan from POC to Production

    by Mark Addy

    If your applications caching capability is preventing you from scaling up or handling bursts in traffic then you may have considered some of the data grid technologies available. This session walks you through two real world solutions designed and implemented using open source Infinispan for a global on-line travel agency. Both outcomes resulted in reduced latency, dynamic scaling and a massively increased caching capacity.

    The first part will describe an existing replicated cache running at full capacity and how this was replaced with a distributed solution that allowed the application to scale dramatically with a performance improvement to boot. Secondly we will look at proof of concept for an application with a problematic design and how another distributed caching solution incorporating grid-execution saved the day providing massive scale out and low latencies.

    This talk is aimed at developers, architects and middleware specialists interested in caching solutions.

    At 2:00pm to 2:00pm, Monday 25th June

  • Building a transactional, scaled application using JBoss Enterprise Datagrid

    by Pete Muir and Galder Zamarreño

    In this live coding session Pete and Galder will show the audience how to build a transactional application that can massively scale out it's data tier. As they build the demo, Pete and Galder will introduce the audience to the core concepts of Infinispan, giving the audience the knowledge they need to start using Infinispan in their own projects.

    At 3:30pm to 3:30pm, Monday 25th June