Sessions at JUDCon Boston 2012 about JBoss Forge on Tuesday 26th June

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  • JBoss Forge: Productivity, Reliability, and Testability in an Enterprise Environment

    by Lincoln Baxter III

    How many times have you wanted to start a new project in Java EE, but struggled to put all the pieces together? Has the Maven archetype syntax left you scratching your head? Everyone else is talking about Rails, Grails, and Roo, and you're left thinking, "I wish it were that easy for me." Well, there's good news: You don't have to leave Java EE just to find a developer tool that makes getting started easy. JBoss Forge is heating up Java EE, and is ready to work it into a full-fledged project.

    Using Forge helps streamline application development, ease the pain of setting up enterprise testing and integration, and utilizes the full power of JBoss AS7 for development, testing, and deployment. Combined with fully-fledged visual integration with Eclipse and JBoss Developer Studio, there's never been more power at your fingertips.

    Come watch us build a real application, test it, and deploy it to the cloud on OpenShift in no time flat.

    At 10:00am to 10:00am, Tuesday 26th June