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Tuesday 26th June 2012

  • Introducing The JBoss Developer Framework

    by Pete Muir and Jason Porter

    You've heard about the JBoss Way, and you like what you see. The JBoss Developer Framework provides you with the toolkit to follow the JBoss Way and build your applications quickly, productively, and easily.

    Based on the Apache Deltaspike project, the industry standard for portable Java EE 6 extensions, the JBoss Developer Framework provides an excellent platform for building modern, mobile ready, cloud friendly applications. You can use JBoss Forge to create projects in a matter of minutes, and JBoss Developer Studio to craft your changes.

    Pete and Jason will show you how to get started with Java EE using the JBoss Developer Framework, and then provide a deep dive into selected components.

    At 1:00pm to 1:00pm, Tuesday 26th June